Megan Kitzman

Song of the Flutist

By Rosalind Burgundy - Published 2010



When the leaders of two city-states in ancient Etruria battle each other for dominance—in ways both subtle and otherwise—the common people ...Read Review

The Lonely Tree

By Yael Politis - Published 2010



A story that spans over thirty years surrounding the establishment of modern Israel, The Lonely Tree deals heavily in shades of grey. Its ...Read Review

Where Seagulls Fly

By Edwin Page - Published 2010



A story of faith, trust, and hope, Where Seagulls Fly is an evocative gem of a novel. As quiet and unassuming as the ...Read Review

Trapped on the Wheel

By John Glavin - Published 2009


The vast tapestry of possibilities that was the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 is brought to vivid life as the setting and metaphor ...Read Review

Magician’s Spell

By Debra Sue Denson - Published 2010



All Captain Harold Monroe wants is to sail his ship—and clear his name of a dishonorable discharge from the British Navy. All ...Read Review

The Pearl of Dubai

By Grant Foster - Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

Set in the dramatic months leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917, The Pearl of Dubai is an imaginative tale of how the ...Read Review