Mary Lawrence

White River Red

By Becky Marietta - Published 2021


In 1972, Betty McLaughlin is bored writing obituaries for the Springdale Times. An aspiring journalist, Betty musters her courage to ask her editor if ...Read Review

The Clockwork Crow

By Catherine Fisher - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Orphan Seren Rhys longs for a magical Christmas and new home with her godparents in Victorian Wales, but once she arrives, nothing is ...Read Review

The War of the Poor

By Eric Vuillard - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

It is fair to say that in Germany, Thomas Müntzer is a hero of sorts. The 16th-century reformist has been the subject ...Read Review

The Big Man’s Daughter

By Owen Fitzstephen - Published 2020



In its opening scene, Rita Gaspereaux makes funeral arrangements for her con artist father, whose illicit enterprise has come to a sudden and ...Read Review

Grasshoppers in Summer

By Paul Colt - Published 2020



From the earliest days of colonization, white settlers and the United States Government deemed it their “manifest destiny” to own and control the ...Read Review

Sin Eater

By Megan Campisi - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

An act of petty thievery changes the course of May Owens’ life in this richly imagined tale set in the late 16th century. ...Read Review

The German Heiress (US) / Finding Clara (UK)

By Anika Scott - Published 2020



Nearly two years after the war, Clara Falkenberg, the daughter and surviving heir to her family’s ironworks factory, has taken on an ...Read Review

A Step So Grave (A Dandy Gilver Mystery)

By Catriona McPherson - Published 2019



Aristocratic, amateur sleuth Dandy Gilver and her family travel to remote Applecross in the Scottish Highlands to meet Mallory, her son’s betrothed ...Read Review

Henry VIII: And the Men Who Made Him

By Tracy Borman - Published 2019



In this biography, Tracy Borman delivers an exhaustive study not only of Henry VIII, but of the men who shaped him as a ...Read Review

City of Crows

By Chris Womersley - Published 2018



It is 1673. Charlotte Picot is urged by her dying husband, Michel, to take their son and flee their fever-ridden village of Saint-Gilles for ...Read Review