Mary Galliver

A Song for Bellafortuna

By Vincent B. LoCoco - Published 2015


Bellafortuna, Sicily, is a magical, beautiful place, where the buildings glow golden at dusk and the people treasure the things most important in ...Read Review

Alchemy’s Daughter

By Mary A. Osborne - Published 2015


There are very few options in life for a merchant’s daughter in medieval Italy. You enter an arranged marriage, or you take ...Read Review

Thieving Forest

By Martha Conway - Published 2014


What would your seventeen-year-old self do if a band of Indians kidnapped your four older sisters, who are your only living kin within ...Read Review

The Roses Underneath

By C. F. Yetmen - Published 2014Published 2014-01-20



Wiesbaden, Germany, in August of 1945: the Nazis have gone, and the Americans have arrived, fresh-faced and ready to save the German people and ...Read Review

My Mother’s Ring

By Dana Cornell - Published 2013


Henryk Frankowski is a young man growing up in Warsaw, Poland. He and his family – a brother, a baby sister, mother and father – ...Read Review

Merely Dee

By Marian Manseau Cheatham - Published 2012


Alternate History

The background for this book is the capsizing of the steamer SS Eastland in the docks at Chicago on July 24, 1915.  The ship had ...Read Review

Embracing The Elephant

By Lori Hart Beninger - Published 2012



Guinn is barely eleven years old when she finds herself undertaking a perilous eight-month voyage from Boston to join her widower father in ...Read Review