Martha Hoffman

A Life Once Dreamed

By Rachel Fordham - Published 2020


Inspirational RomanceWestern

Agnes Pratt has gotten used to her work as a teacher in 1880s Dakota Territory. She fled a pampered life – and her childhood ...Read Review

A Witch in Time

By Constance Sayers - Published 2020



In 21st-century Washington DC, Helen Lambert is going through a divorce when she meets Luke Varner, a mysterious stranger who seems to know ...Read Review

Love Without End: A Story of Heloise and Abelard

By Melvyn Bragg - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 12th-century Paris, a learned young woman named Heloise is tutored by the famed philosopher Abelard. The teacher and student soon become lovers, ...Read Review

Marley: A Novel

By Jon Clinch - Published 2019


Marley was not dead, to begin with. This novel undoes the famous first line of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, presenting the story of ...Read Review

The Bird King

By G. Willow Wilson - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

The year is 1491, and Granada, the last foothold of Islamic rule in Iberia, is under siege. Food is running short, but the inhabitants ...Read Review

Traitor’s Codex (A Crispin Guest Mystery)

By Jeri Westerson - Published 2019



Crispin Guest, former baron of Sheen, has come down in the world after falling out with King Richard II. Now living in a ...Read Review

The Inquisitor’s Niece

By Erika Rummel - Published 2018


Alonso Malki is a convert to Christianity whose father has been condemned by the Inquisition for relapsing into Judaism. Fearful that his father’...Read Review

The Golden Lynx (Legends of the Five Directions)

By C. P. Lesley - Published 2018


In 1534 Russia, Nasan, the 16-year-old daughter of a Tatar khan, witnesses the vendetta murder of her brother, only to be married into the ...Read Review

Sons of Blackbird Mountain (A Blackbird Mountain Novel)

By Joanne Bischof - Published 2018



Aven Norgaard, the young Irish widow of a Norwegian shipwright who had plucked her from a workhouse years ago, arrives in 1890 Virginia to ...Read Review

The Road to Magnolia Glen

By Pam Hillman - Published 2018



Kiera Young and Quinn O’Shea “meet cute” on the boat from Ireland to Mississippi in 1792. Kiera, her two younger sisters in tow, ...Read Review