Marina Maxwell

Incredible Tretchikoff: Life of an Artist and Adventurer

By Boris Gorelik - Published 2013



Vladimir Tretchikoff was adored by the public and loathed by the critics. From humble beginnings in Siberia, he suffered many misfortunes and narrow ...Read Review

War Dog: The No-Man’s Land Puppy Who Took to the Skies…

By Damien Lewis - Published 2013



Technically this book is creative non-fiction rather than a novel, as it features real events and people who were all connected to a ...Read Review

Local Customs

By Audrey Thomas - Published 2014


Biographical FictionLiteraryMystery/Crime

In 1838, successful English writer L.E.L. (Letitia Landon) makes a surprise marriage to George Maclean, chief administrator of Cape Coast, and travels ...Read Review

A Dangerous Deceit

By Marjorie Eccles - Published 2013



Margaret Rees-Talbot is engaged to marry curate Simon Scroope, but her happiness is overshadowed by the recent death of her father, Boer War ...Read Review


By Lenny Bartulin - Published 2013



It’s 1830. William Burr is recovering from injuries after his latest skirmish chasing mahogany pirates in British Honduras when he receives a request ...Read Review

The Russian Tapestry

By Banafsheh Serov - Published 2013


Marie Kulbas belongs to a family that is enlightened enough to allow her to study law, but like all young women from the ...Read Review

Nine Days

By Toni Jordan - Published 2013



This is not a historical novel in the conventional sense but a narrative consisting of nine vignettes, each taking place over the course ...Read Review

Burial Rites

By Hannah Kent - Published 2013



Agnes Magnusdottir has been found guilty of murder. As the authorities wrangle over the date and method of her execution, she is sent ...Read Review

A White Wind Blew

By James Markert - Published 2013


A Kentucky tuberculosis sanatorium in which people die on a daily basis may not be the most appealing setting for a novel, not ...Read Review

The Pagoda Tree

By Claire Scobie - Published 2013Published 2017


In 18th-century India, women are the chattels of gods or men. When she is branded a handmaiden of Shiva, young Maya’s destiny ...Read Review