Marina Maxwell

Goodnight June

By Sarah Jio - Published 2014


June Andersen is a career-driven New York banker teetering on the edge. After an alarming health episode, doctors warn her to change her ...Read Review

The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress

By Ariel Lawhon - Published 2014



The Jazz Age. Bootleggers. Gangsters. Corruption. Crime. Tammany Hall. All these ingredients have been used in novels many times, but Ariel Lawhon takes ...Read Review

Belle Cora

By Phillip Margulies - Published 2014


Having just survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, the elderly and respectable Mrs Andersen decides it’s time to reveal her secret ...Read Review

Savage Girl

By Jean Zimmerman - Published 2014



Wealthy New Yorker Hugo Delegate is discovered next to the mutilated body of his friend, Bev Willets. With his history of nervous disorders ...Read Review

Incredible Tretchikoff: Life of an Artist and Adventurer

By Boris Gorelik - Published 2013



Vladimir Tretchikoff was adored by the public and loathed by the critics. From humble beginnings in Siberia, he suffered many misfortunes and narrow ...Read Review

War Dog: The No-Man’s Land Puppy Who Took to the Skies…

By Damien Lewis - Published 2013



Technically this book is creative non-fiction rather than a novel, as it features real events and people who were all connected to a ...Read Review

Local Customs

By Audrey Thomas - Published 2014


Biographical FictionLiteraryMystery/Crime

In 1838, successful English writer L.E.L. (Letitia Landon) makes a surprise marriage to George Maclean, chief administrator of Cape Coast, and travels ...Read Review

A Dangerous Deceit

By Marjorie Eccles - Published 2013



Margaret Rees-Talbot is engaged to marry curate Simon Scroope, but her happiness is overshadowed by the recent death of her father, Boer War ...Read Review


By Lenny Bartulin - Published 2013



It’s 1830. William Burr is recovering from injuries after his latest skirmish chasing mahogany pirates in British Honduras when he receives a request ...Read Review

The Russian Tapestry

By Banafsheh Serov - Published 2013


Marie Kulbas belongs to a family that is enlightened enough to allow her to study law, but like all young women from the ...Read Review