Marina Maxwell

The Aviator’s Wife

By Melanie Benjamin - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Anne Morrow leads a charmed, privileged life, and all her dreams seem to come true when she marries America’s aviator hero, Charles ...Read Review

Child of Vengeance

By David Kirk - Published 2013


Bennosuke is a lonely 13-year-old with a skin condition who lives in the village of Miyamoto and dreams of becoming a samurai warrior ...Read Review

Park Lane

By Frances Osborne - Published 2012


This novel has its origins in Frances Osborne’s own family background, and an inevitable comparison to the TV series Downton Abbey will ...Read Review

Freud’s Sister

By Christina E. Kramer (trans.) - By Goce Smilevski - Published 2012


Biographical FictionLiterary

In 1938, Sigmund Freud is granted an exit visa from Vienna with certain individuals of his choice. His four elderly sisters are not included, ...Read Review

Hemingway’s Girl

By Erika Robuck - Published 2012


Ernest “Papa” Hemingway seems to hold perennial fascination for other writers, and this novel is woven around his time in Key West during ...Read Review

The Sandcastle Girls

By Chris Bohjalian - Published 2012


The title is deceptive, as this is no lightweight beach read but a serious novel set against the background of the “Slaughter You ...Read Review

The Midwife of Hope River

By Patricia Harman - Published 2012



Patience Murphy is a “thirty-six year old widow, wanted by the law in two states,” so when she takes up the duties of ...Read Review

Hard Country

By Michael McGarrity - Published 2012



The Western often suffers from literary snobbishness, but good authors of the genre, like Michael McGarrity, know their era and don’t embellish ...Read Review

Waratah House

By Ann Whitehead - Published 2012


On a ship to Australia in the 1880s, Marina is orphaned after a fever outbreak and is taken into the care of James ...Read Review

Edge of Dark Water

By Joe R. Lansdale - Published 2012



May Lynn dreamed about being a movie star, and when she gets murdered, her three teenaged friends decide to take her ashes to ...Read Review