Marina Maxwell

Esther’s Children

By Caroline Beecham - Published 2022


In 1936, a young woman arrives in Vienna. Tess Simpson is the name in her British passport, but she is also Esther Sinovitch, daughter ...Read Review

Playing the Ghost

By Johanna Craven - Published 2022


In the mid-1850s, the growing Australian town of Castlemaine is a wild and often terrifying place. People have come from all over ...Read Review

The Winter Dress

By Lauren Chater - Published 2022


In 2014 there was an amazing discovery off the island of Texel in Holland. Shipwreck divers found a chest containing a woman’s silk ...Read Review

The Freedom of Birds

By Stephanie Parkyn - Published 2021


As Napoleon continues his rampage across Europe, the lives of three young performers become intertwined in a series of adventures. Close friends Ré...Read Review

The Secret World of Connie Starr

By Robbi Neal - Published 2022


As Connie Starr is born screaming her head off in Ballarat in 1934, her mother, Flora, knows that there will be “more chaos in ...Read Review

The Codebreakers

By Alli Sinclair - Published 2021



In 1943, Ellie Sullivan is already doing her bit for the war effort servicing aircraft for Qantas when she is approached to work for ...Read Review

The Darkest Shore

By Karen Brooks - Published 2020


The most famous Scottish witch trials and burnings took place in the late 16th century, but the prejudices and accusations lingered on for ...Read Review

The Orphan of Good Hope

By Roxane Dhand - Published 2020


In 1683, Johanna Timmerman is one of eight orphaned girls being sent from Amsterdam to the Cape of Good Hope to marry rich burghers ...Read Review

The Madwoman’s Coat

By Ian Reid - Published 2021


In 1897 in an asylum in Fremantle, Western Australia, a patient is found murdered. Although there is a likely suspect, the investigating police officers ...Read Review

The Angel of Waterloo

By Jackie French -


The Battle of Waterloo has spawned many historical novels, but few can have such an appealing female protagonist as Henrietta (Hen) Gilbert. The ...Read Review

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