Marina Maxwell

The Unearthed

By Lenny Bartulin - Published 2023



Old bones – ‘mossed and soft’ – are discovered in the wilderness near Queenstown. Forensic scientist Antonia Kovacs arrives from Hobart to investigate them, also ...Read Review

Salonika Burning

By Gail Jones - Published 2022



The novel opens with harrowing scenes of the great fire sweeping through Salonika in 1917. It destroys two-thirds of the ancient city and leaves ...Read Review

Snapshots from Home

By Sasha Wasley - Published 2023


It is 1917. Edie Stark is grateful for the opportunity to escape her tyrannical and bigoted father, Frederick, when she takes up a teaching ...Read Review

The Ship’s Midwife

By Peta Miller - Published 2023



The “coffin ships” that crossed the Atlantic in the mid-1800s are well-known. Numerous impoverished Irish emigrants died before reaching their destination, the ...Read Review

That Bligh Girl

By Sue Williams - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

The early 1800s. Governance of the convict colony of New South Wales is in disarray and borders on anarchy at the hands of ...Read Review

The Investigators

By Anthony Hill - Published 2023


Biographical FictionNautical

Sir John Franklin is best known for leading the doomed expedition in search of the Arctic Northwest Passage and where he perished in 1847. ...Read Review

A History of Burning

By Janika Oza - Published 2023



The history of Indians who lived in East Africa may be little known, but there are still many alive today who were sent ...Read Review

The Fire and the Rose

By Robyn Cadwallader - Published 2023


Eleanor is a young servant born with a disfiguring birthmark who has an unusual skill for a woman living in the City of ...Read Review

The Queen of the Valley

By Lorena Hughes - Published 2023


This rollicking tale set against the colorful background of Colombia has three principal narrators: a photographer, Lucas, and two nuns, Puri and Camila, ...Read Review

The Unintended Heiress

By Colleen Coyne - Published 2023


This dual timeline narrative switches between the present day and the late 19th-early 20th centuries. Oceane is off to stay with her gran ...Read Review

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