Marina Maxwell

The Lost Boys of Mr Dickens: How the British Empire Turned Artful Dodgers into Child Killers

By Steve Harris - Published 2019



Much has been written about the early Australian convicts, but perhaps less-known is the fact that around 3,000 boys, some as young as seven ...Read Review

A Thousand Tongues

By Ian Reid - Published 2019



The title comes from Shakespeare’s Richard III, “My conscience hath a thousand several tongues, and every tongue brings in a several tale …” ...Read Review

The Burnt Country

By Joy Rhoades - Published 2019



(Please note this is a sequel and this review contains unavoidable spoilers from the first in the series, The Woolgrower’s Companion.) Kate ...Read Review

The Postmistress

By Alison Stuart - Published 2019


It is 1871. Adelaide Greaves is the postmistress in the little gold-mining town of Maiden’s Creek. To her customers, she appears to be ...Read Review

The Impostress: The Dishonest Adventures of Sarah Wilson

By R.J. Clarke - Published 2019



“The greatest impostress of the present age” was the mysterious Sarah Wilson who, from her late teens, wandered alone across 18th-century England duping ...Read Review

The Old Drift

By Namwali Serpell - Published 2019



Some novels are almost impossible to summarize in a few paragraphs, and this is one of them. After a conventional opening chapter, the ...Read Review

The Invitation

By Belinda Alexandra - Published 2018


Writer and harpist Emma Ducasse was raised by her grandmother in Paris. Her elder sister Caroline is married to American tycoon Oliver Hopper. ...Read Review


Published 2019


In 1797, the ship Sydney Cove is wrecked north of Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania). Its speculative cargo includes valuable rum. On board are ...Read Review

The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers

By Kerri Turner - Published 2019


The title says it all: this is a novel about the fading glory of the famous Imperial Ballet of Russia. You can anticipate ...Read Review

Frieda: A Novel of the Real Lady Chatterley

By Annabel Abbs - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

In her first novel, The Joyce Girl, Annabel Abbs explored life in the shadows of literary fame. In her second, we are again ...Read Review

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