Marilyn Sherlock

The Corpse in the Garden of Perfect Brightness

By Malcolm Pryce - Published 2020



It is 1948, World War II has ended, and the country is getting back on its feet. One of the first events is to ...Read Review

Out of Darkness, Shining Light

By Petina Gappah - Published 2020



This book covers the death of David Livingstone, and the way in which his body was transported, from where he died at Chitambo ...Read Review

The Rock Blaster

By George Goulding (trans.) - By Henning Mankell - Published 2020



This book covers the period from the beginning to the last half of the 20th century and follows the life of Oskar Johansson. ...Read Review


By Ellen Alpsten - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

This is the story of Catherine I of Russia, not to be confused with Catherine the Great. This Catherine was born in 1684 to ...Read Review

Stealing Roses

By Heather Cooper - Published 2019


Set on the Isle of Wight in 1862, this book is set within the scene of the opening of the new railway line from ...Read Review

To the Eastern Seas: Thomas Kydd 22

By Julian Stockwin - Published 2019



1810. Napoleon Bonaparte has been defeated for the time being, and the Navy is ordered to give its attention to other matters. Britain’s ...Read Review

The Foundling School for Girls

By Elizabeth Gill - Published 2019


Set in the mid-1800s in the hills above Newcastle, this novel depicts two very different characters.  Ruth Dixon, deserted by her mother ...Read Review

The Offing

By Benjamin Myers - Published 2019


This is a gentle book. Just after World War II, Robert Appleyard is sixteen, has just left school, and is longing for adventure. ...Read Review

The Wartime Midwives (Wartime Midwives Series)

By Daisy Styles - Published 2019


‘We came in shame to a home for women and babies, to give birth hidden away from society’. 1939, and single girls giving birth ...Read Review

The Seaside Angel

By Evie Grace - Published 2019


This is a Victorian novel set in Margate in Kent in 1884. Health and hygiene were not fully understood or appreciated, and diseases such ...Read Review