Marilyn Sherlock

The Foundling School for Girls

By Elizabeth Gill - Published 2019


Set in the mid-1800s in the hills above Newcastle, this novel depicts two very different characters.  Ruth Dixon, deserted by her mother ...Read Review

The Offing

By Benjamin Myers - Published 2019


This is a gentle book. Just after World War II, Robert Appleyard is sixteen, has just left school, and is longing for adventure. ...Read Review

The Wartime Midwives (Wartime Midwives Series)

By Daisy Styles - Published 2019


‘We came in shame to a home for women and babies, to give birth hidden away from society’. 1939, and single girls giving birth ...Read Review

The Seaside Angel

By Evie Grace - Published 2019


This is a Victorian novel set in Margate in Kent in 1884. Health and hygiene were not fully understood or appreciated, and diseases such ...Read Review

The Silversmith’s Daughter

By Annie Murray - Published 2019


1915. War has broken out with Germany, and life is about to change for everyone. Twenty year old Daisy Tallis is a talented silversmith ...Read Review

The Secrets Between Us

By Laura Madeleine - Published 2018


Set in southern France, just north of Nice, the story features the Italian occupation of the area in 1943. Ceci (Celeste) Corvin’s father ...Read Review

The Child Left Behind

By Gracie Hart - Published 2019


This is a Victorian social history/romance story and is the second in a trilogy involving the Wild family and the Ellershaws, the ...Read Review


By Guzel Yakhina - Published 2019



Soviet Russia in 1930. The gradual accession of Stalin to power in the 1920s eventually ended the liberalization of society and the economy, leading ...Read Review

A Capitol Death (Flavia Albia 7)

By Lindsey Davis - Published 2019



Lindsey Davis is putting ancient Rome to rights again with the help of Flavia Albia. The Emperor Domitian is on the throne and ...Read Review

An Orphan’s Wish

By Molly Green - Published 2018


An Orphan’s Wish is the third book in this series set in World War II in Liverpool and around Bingham Hall, a ...Read Review