Marilyn Sherlock

The Post Office Girls

By Poppy Cooper - Published 2021



Beth Healey, twin sister to Ned and younger sister of Sally, works in her parents’ grocery store in Woodhampstead in Hertfordshire.   It is 1915, ...Read Review


By V. B. Grey - Published 2021


This story is about identical twin sisters, so alike that they could, and often did, exchange identities to fool friends and family, but ...Read Review

Balkan Glory: Thomas Kydd 23

By Julian Stockwin - Published 2020



This is the latest episode in the career of Captain Sir Thomas Kydd and his ship Tyger. The action takes place in the ...Read Review

The Emperor’s Exile (Eagles of the Empire 19)

By Simon Scarrow - Published 2020



This is the latest book in the saga of Macro and Cato, books which have taken them far and wide in the Roman ...Read Review

The Summer House Party

By Caro Fraser - Published 2020


It is summer 1936, and Sonia Haddon is hosting a party at a country house in Surrey. A motley collection of people is there, ...Read Review

The Golden Maid (The Smuggler’s Daughters)

By Evie Grace - Published 2020



This book takes us back to the Napoleonic Wars of the 18th century together with the coastal trades of smuggling, particularly in Kent ...Read Review

The Coming of the Wolf

By Elizabeth Chadwick - Published 2020


This book comes heralded as “The prequel to the bestselling and beloved novel The Wild Hunt” for which the author won a Betty ...Read Review

The Honey and the Sting

By E. C. Fremantle - Published 2020


Set in England in 1628, this book presents the lives of three sisters living on their own with the small son of the eldest ...Read Review

The Corpse in the Garden of Perfect Brightness

By Malcolm Pryce - Published 2020



It is 1948, World War II has ended, and the country is getting back on its feet. One of the first events is to ...Read Review

Out of Darkness, Shining Light

By Petina Gappah - Published 2020



This book covers the death of David Livingstone, and the way in which his body was transported, from where he died at Chitambo ...Read Review

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