Marilyn Sherlock

The Ballroom Blitz

By Anton Du Beke - Published 2022


Bombs are falling on London, the blackout is in full swing, and Londoners are making for the shelters as soon as the sirens ...Read Review

The White Rock

By Anna Hope - Published 2022


‘For a long time there was only water here… then, one day, a rock appeared, a white peak above the waves: the first ...Read Review

The Pudding Lane Plot (Adventures of Thomas Chaloner, 15)

By Susanna Gregory - Published 2022



London 1666.  The city is completely unsettled.  The population is recovering from the plague, and rumours are spreading everywhere about a Second Coming when ...Read Review

Wartime Friends

By Margaret Dickinson - Published 2022



1938. Fears of war are prevalent. Eighteen-year-old Carolyn lives on a farm on the Lincolnshire coast with her parents and fifteen-year-old brother, Tom. Carolyn’...Read Review

Glorious Poison (Battalion of the Dead series)

By Kat Dunn - Published 2022


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Paris, 1794.  The Revolution is over, and Robespierre is dead, but all is not peaceful.   There are two groups at work. One has the ...Read Review

The Silent Child

By J. Kelly - Published 2022


The story opens in 1943. Hanna is a small child, rescued from Poland, who arrives in the fens in Cambridgeshire to live with Uncle ...Read Review

A Wedding for the Biscuit Factory Girls

By Elsie Mason - Published 2022



“You gave us away. You got rid of us because you decided you didn’t want us anymore. Get out.” Mavis Kendrick has ...Read Review

The White Hare

By Jane Johnson - Published 2022


The beginning of WW2, and Magdalena and her daughter Mila leave Poland for the safety of London, where they stay until 1954.  During that ...Read Review


By Sophia Holloway - Published 2021



‘I have to inform you my lord… once the documentation is provided, that you are the fifth Marquis of Athelney.’ With which news ...Read Review

Dark Hunter

By Fiona Watson - Published 2022



May 1317. Bannockburn has been fought and won by Robert Bruce, who now calls himself King of Scotland. Berwick-upon-Tweed is on the English side ...Read Review

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