Marilyn Pemberton

The Poison Machine (A Hunt and Hooke Novel, 2)

By Robert J. Lloyd - Published 2022



London, 1679. Harry Hunt, assistant to Robert Hooke, the renowned scientist and architect, feels humiliated after the failure of one of his experiments demonstrated ...Read Review

Carnival of Ash

By Tom Beckerlegge - Published 2022


Alternate History

Sometime in the Renaissance era, Cadenza is a fictional city located in Italy, near enough to Venice for the inhabitants to be under ...Read Review

A Good Year

By Polis Loizou - Published 2022



1925, rural Cyprus. This book tells of Loukas and his wife Despo, married only a year and expecting their first child—please God a ...Read Review

Mercia’s Take

By Daniel Wiles - Published 2022


1870s: The Black Country, in the West Midlands of England, once part of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia. Michael is a miner, determined ...Read Review

The Bishop’s Grimoire

By Michael Anson - Published 2021


1766, Lichfield. Richard Greene, a fifty-year-old apothecary, surgeon and proprietor of an extensive museum of ancient artefacts and curios, is one of a party ...Read Review


By Mara Timon - Published 2021



May 1944. Two female spies are dropped into France to try and help the Resistance to disrupt German operations in preparation for the Normandy ...Read Review

Blue Postcards

By Douglas Bruton - Published 2021


This novella has an unusual format in that the paragraphs, even sometimes just single sentences, are all numbered, with white space between each ...Read Review

The Second Person from Porlock

By Dennis Hamley - Published 2021


1824. In London, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, now in his fifties and totally addicted to opium, sits by his seriously ill son, Derwent, and reflects ...Read Review

The Woodcock

By Richard Smyth - Published 2021


Gravely, east coast of England, 1920s. Harriet and Jon have been happily married for two years. He is a naturalist who makes a ...Read Review

The Phantom in the Fog (A Bowman Of The Yard Investigation 4)

By Richard James - Published 2020



London, 1892. This book, the fourth in the Bowman of the Yard series, starts where the third book, The Body in the Trees (HNR 95) ...Read Review