Marie Burton

Between the Lies

By Cynthia Graham - Published 2018



Hick Blackburn is back in this tense, well-written mystery, set in 1954, that finds him trying to prove the innocence of young black boy ...Read Review

The Primrose Pursuit

By Suzette A. Hill - Published 2016



Rural England in the 1950s. Following the untimely but possibly fortuitous death of the Reverend Francis Oughterard, his cat Maurice and dog Bouncer ...Read Review

Heart of a Champion

By Ellen Schwartz - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

Ten-year-old Kenny Sakamoto wants to be just like his older brother Mickey, who at age sixteen is a star on the Asahi baseball ...Read Review

Empire Girls

By Loretta Nyhan - By Suzanne Hayes - Published 2014


Rose and Ivy Adams are heartbroken when their father dies in 1925. Shock follows grief when the young women learn that he was nearly ...Read Review

The Spanish Armada

By Robert Hutchinson - Published 2013Published 2014



Naval battles in the early modern period, as Hutchinson writes, carried their own brand of particular terror: the cannonades, the terrible wounds caused ...Read Review

Self-Help Messiah: Dale Carnegie and Success in Modern America

By Steven Watts - Published 2013



This biography of Dale Carnegie is as engrossing as a good novel. Born in 1888, Carnegie rose from boyhood poverty in rural Missouri. At ...Read Review

The Birthday Scandal

By Leigh Michaels - Published 2012



Popular Regency romances are rarely steeped in rich historical detail. What they do best is to entertain with perky heroines, witty dialogue, dashing ...Read Review

Death on a Pale Horse

By Donald Thomas - Published 2013



Donald Thomas’ sixth novel about the adventures of famed detective Sherlock Holmes does not disappoint. Capturing the tone and essence of the original ...Read Review

Siege 13

By Tamas Dobozy - Published 2013


LiteraryShort Stories

For six weeks in the winter of 1944-45, the Soviet Army assaulted Budapest, defended by the German and Hungarian armies. Over 800,000 civilians were ...Read Review

A Way with Murder

By R.J. Jagger - Published 2012



“Secret St. Rain.” That’s how a character introduces herself on the first page of this wannabe hardboiled mystery set in Denver in 1952. ...Read Review