Mandy Jenkinson

Death of the Snake Catcher: Short Stories

By Ak Welsapar - Published 2018


LiteraryShort Stories

This recent translation into English of some of Ak Welsapar’s short stories is a rare and welcome opportunity to read a work ...Read Review

Alpine Ballad

By Vasil Bykau - Published 2016



This short but powerful novel begins with Ivan Tsyareshka escaping from a Nazi concentration camp in the Austrian Alps and embarking on a ...Read Review

The Investigator

By Margarita Khemlin - Published 2015



Set in the author’s native Ukraine in the early 1950s, the novel tells of the murder of a young woman. It seems ...Read Review


By Elena Dimov (trans.) - By Maria Rybakova - Published 2015


Biographical FictionLiterary

Even for those well-versed in Russian literature, Nikolai Ivanovich Gnedich (1784-1833) is hardly a household name, but in his time he was a ...Read Review