M.K. Tod

Where Dead Men Meet

By Mark Mills - Published 2017



Where Dead Men Meet is a taut thriller set in 1937 Europe. From the opening scene, even the opening line, we know we’re ...Read Review

Windmill Point

By Jim Stempel - Published 2016



The grit, tragedy and bold strategy of the American Civil War play out in Jim Stempel’s Windmill Point. Am I glad I ...Read Review

Scent of Triumph

By Jan Moran - Published 2015


This novel begins in September 1939. Danielle Bretancourt and her husband, Max, have left their young son, Nicky, with his grandmother in Poland and ...Read Review

The Foundling’s War

By Julian Evans (trans.) - By Michel Déon - Published 2015



The Foundling’s War takes up the tale of Jean Arnaud, the hero of The Foundling Boy. The story opens in 1940, just as ...Read Review

The Heroes’ Welcome

By Louisa Young - Published 2014Published 2015


The Heroes’ Welcome, Louisa Young’s sequel to her well-received novel My Dear I Wanted to Tell You, opens in March 1919. Peter and ...Read Review

Hell and Good Company: The Spanish Civil War and the World It Made

By Richard Rhodes - Published 2015



The Spanish Civil War was both brutal and heroic. In Hell and Good Company, Richard Rhodes takes us through the major events, but ...Read Review

Arctic Summer

By Damon Galgut - Published 2014Published WSP15


Biographical FictionLiterary

Spanning the years from 1906 to 1924, Arctic Summer transports readers from England to India and Egypt in this fictional biography of E. M. Forster. ...Read Review


By Victor Bevine - Published 2014



Victor Bevine’s latest novel, Certainty, is based on a true story. It begins in June 1919, a few months before the end of ...Read Review

A Cool and Lonely Courage

By Susan Ottaway - Published 2014



Susan Ottaway tells the incredible and true story of WWII British special agents, Eileen (Didi) and Jacqueline Nearne. Born in England but raised ...Read Review

Voyage of Strangers

By Elizabeth Zelvin - Published 2014


As the school rhyme says, “In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” A harsh and dangerous time. In the 15th ...Read Review