Lynn Guest

The Agincourt Bride

By Joanna Hickson - Published 2013


Catherine de Valois, the youngest daughter of the insane Charles VI, became the bride of Henry V five years after his destruction of ...Read Review

Royalist Rebel

By Anita Seymour - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

Elizabeth Murray, an actual historic person, was the eldest daughter of a fiercely Royalist Scottish family. Her father was a courtier, and her ...Read Review

Francesca Pascal

By Fredrik Nath - Published 2012


Francesca Pascal, an artist, is caught in Paris during the German occupation. In a shocking accident, her daughter is shot by German soldiers ...Read Review

The Secret Children

By Alison McQueen - Published 2012



1925. When James MacDonald, a lonely Scots tea planter in Assam, took a beautiful Indian girl as a concubine, he did not foresee two ...Read Review

Home for Christmas

By Annie Groves - Published 2011


The second of the No. 13 Article Row (a street address) series continues with the lives of three girls lodging with a widow and ...Read Review

Almodis, The Peaceweaver

By Tracey Warr - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

11th-century Occitania is a collection of counties and walled cities ruled by families continually fighting and marrying among themselves to increase their lands ...Read Review

Blossoms and Shadows

By Lian Hearn - Published 2011


The arrival of the Western powers in Japan in the 1850s forced decades of simmering unrest into the open: a weak shogunate, the ...Read Review

Fall of a Sparrow

By Mary Chiappe - By Sam Benady - Published 2010



Set during the Great Siege of Gibraltar (1779), this is an unusual crime novel. When a young Scottish soldier, childlike Jamie Macfarlane, is found ...Read Review

Secret of the Sands

By Sara Sheridan - Published 2011



In 1833, Lieutenant James Wellsted is an officer in the British Navy surveying the coast of the Arabian Peninsula as part of a mission ...Read Review

Heart of Tango

By David Frye (trans.) - By Elia Barceló - Published 2010



In a seedy quarter of 1920s Buenos Aires, Natalia, a young innocent Spanish immigrant, is promised in marriage by her well-meaning father to ...Read Review