Lynn Guest

When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed

By Bradley Greenburg - Published 2014


The McGhees, a black family freed from slavery, flee the Jim Crow laws and poverty of post-Civil War Alabama for Indiana hoping to ...Read Review

The Gage Street Courtesan

By Christopher New - Published 2012


Under a layer of Victorian respectability, colonial Hong Kong was a seething hodgepodge of failed revolutionaries, crooks, opium dealers, Jewish refugees, pimps and ...Read Review

The Highwayman’s Daughter

By Henriette Gyland - Published 2014Published 2014-05-07



1768. Jack Blythe, heir to an earldom, and his wastrel cousin, Rupert, are returning from London when their carriage is held up on Hounslow ...Read Review

Don’t Pass Me By

By Julie McGowan - Published 2013


London, 1940. Desperate to escape from Billy, her violent soldier husband, Lydia seizes the chance when a blast destroys their flat. She flees with ...Read Review

Turning the Stones

By Debra Daley - Published 2014


In 18th-century Cheshire, Em Smith, a foundling, was fostered by the Waterland family, first as a playmate and later as a lady’s ...Read Review

Triangle Trade

By Geoff Woodland - Published 2013


1805. When Lieutenant William King is relieved of his command in the Royal Navy, he returns home to Liverpool where his father, George King, ...Read Review

Imagining Vietnam

By Elizabeth McLean - Published 2012


LiteraryShort Stories

McLean gives us a pocket history of Vietnam in the form of eight short stories, each set in a period of the country’...Read Review

Close to the Wind

By Zana Bell - Published 2013



When Georgiana da Silva overhears her fiancé discussing a plot to murder her beloved brother Charlie, who is hoping to find gold in ...Read Review

Mystery in Malakand

By Susanna Bell - Published 2013



1920. Widowed in the Great War, Hester Metcalfe returns to nurse in Peshawar on the Northwest Frontier, where she was born and raised. The ...Read Review

The Year of the Horsetails

By R.F. Tapsell - Published 2013



Early Middle Ages, Eastern Europe. Nomadic hordes, the fierce Turgons under the rule of their charismatic leader, the Kagan, have conquered the steppes ...Read Review