Lynn Guest

The Fox

By M. N. J. Butler - Published 2018



When Agis, King of Sparta, dies, his heir Leotychides, rumoured to be illegitimate, is replaced by his uncle. No longer considered royal, Leotychides ...Read Review

A Fortune to India

By Tony Foot - Published 2018



Sergeant-Major Jack Finch returns home from the Crimea to deliver the effects of Captain James Fortune to his grieving fiancée, Lady Eleanor. ...Read Review

The King’s Justice

By E.M. Powell - Published 2018



Yorkshire, 1176. When a village blacksmith is viciously murdered, the lord of the manor intends to hang his suspect, an outlaw, despite the absence ...Read Review

Love and Death in Shanghai

By Elizabeth J. Hall - Published 2018



Eager for adventure and good pay, Sam Shuttleworth joins the Shanghai Municipal Police in 1924. Hard-working, he is quickly promoted. Then he meets Lulu, ...Read Review

Lord of Formosa

By Joyce Bergvelt - Published 2017


This story moves between the new Dutch colony on Formosa (Taiwan), and China, as the invading Manchus destroy the Ming dynasty. Koxinga, the ...Read Review

The Assassin of Verona

By Benet Brandreth - Published 2017


Venice. Three players, Oldcastle, Hemminges and young William Shakespeare, disguised as the English ambassador and his servants, have discovered a Papal plot against ...Read Review

The Habit of Murder

By Susanna Gregory - Published 2017



1360, Cambridge. Michaelhouse is facing bankruptcy when word comes that the wealthy Lady of Clare has died and a hinted-at legacy could save the ...Read Review

The Hidden Thread

By Liz Trenow - Published 2017


This quiet novel centers on a gentle romance set against the backdrop of the silk industry in 1760s London. Inspired by the unknown ...Read Review

A Woman Named Sellers

By Sarah King - Published 2017



In winter 1632, Jennet Sellers arrives at her cousins’ Lancashire farm. Only she and the cousins know that as a child she gave the ...Read Review

A Shilling for a Wife

By Emma Hornby - Published 2016


In the 1850s, Sally, a workhouse orphan, is sold for one shilling to Joseph Goden to be his wife, and so Sally’s ...Read Review

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