Lucy Bertoldi

Servants’ Hall: A Real-Life Upstairs, Downstairs Romance

By Margaret Powell - Published 2014



Servants’ Hall brings domestic service in 1920s England to life through the memoirs of Margaret Powell (1907-1984), author-narrator, and ‘below stairs’, kitchen maid ...Read Review

Daughter of Empire: My Life as a Mountbatten

By Lady Pamela Hicks - Published 2013



Lady Pamela Hicks is a well-known British aristocrat with a bloodline stemming from Queen Victoria, who was her great-great-grandmother. Prince Philip (married to ...Read Review

The Boleyn Bride

By Brandy Purdy - Published 2014


Just when you think all Tudor characters have been unveiled, Purdy comes up with one lady most people know very little about. Elizabeth ...Read Review

Evangeline for Young Readers

By Helene Boudreau - By Patsy MacKinnon (illus.) - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

The story of Evangeline has been forever retold throughout Acadian history. Based on Longfellow’s poem about Evangeline and the Acadian deportation, in ...Read Review

Love on a Midsummer Night

By Christy English - Published 2013



Having loved Christy English’s eloquent novel on Eleanor of Aquitaine (To Be Queen), I couldn’t wait to read more by this ...Read Review

Venus in Winter

By Gillian Bagwell - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Bess Hardwick lived during the Tudor era and belonged to a close-knit circle at the court of Henry VIII. She took center stage ...Read Review

The Secret History

By Stephanie Thornton - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

A whore who rose to become empress, Theodora was the woman who co-ruled Byzantium in the 6th century, but her life wasn’t ...Read Review

Mistress to the Crown

By Isolde Martyn - Published 2013


Mistress Elizabeth Shore is all that a royal mistress should be, and way more! Getting a taste of what the upper class is ...Read Review

The Eyes of Venice

By Alessandro Barbero - Published 2012



I am a lover of Venice, and so when I heard about this book, I jumped on the opportunity to read and review ...Read Review

The Sign of the Weeping Virgin

By Alana White - Published 2013



If you love Italian history mixed with mystery, then The Sign of the Weeping Virgin is perfect! Author Alana White uses real historical ...Read Review