Lucinda Byatt

Romantic Hellenism and Women Writers

By Noah Comet - Published 2013



It is instructive to remember that Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a gifted author with “the rare distinction of being trained in Greek”, could comment, “...Read Review


By Philip Kazan - Published 2013


Think of synaesthesia: a young boy realises that, for him, tastes or scents trigger other senses and associations. Then set the scene in ...Read Review

A Name in Blood

By Matt Rees - Published 2012


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

The mystery of Caravaggio’s last months and death has never been satisfactorily resolved: traditionally, he is said to have died of malaria, ...Read Review

The Dreyfus Affair: The Story of the Most Infamous Miscarriage of Justice in French History

By Piers Paul Read - Published 2012



This notorious case has undergone numerous academic and popular study, following the centenary of Alfred Dreyfus’ rehabilitation in 1906. The subtitle of Read’s ...Read Review

Wolves in Winter

By Lisa Hilton - Published 2012


Hilton’s latest novel, Wolves in Winter, is the first of a trilogy set in Renaissance Italy. The scene is set by the ...Read Review

The Deadly Sisterhood

By Leonie Frieda - Published 2012Published 2013



After her much lauded biography of Catherine de’ Medici, Frieda has shifted her chronological focus back a few years and broadened it to ...Read Review

Fascist Voices: An Intimate History of Mussolini’s Italy

By Christopher Duggan - Published 2012



The book’s title contains the clue to its unique approach. Duggan has drawn on the reams of correspondence received by the Duce’...Read Review

The Cruel Trade

By Clifford Peacock - Published 2012


This unusual novel is set in Zanzibar in the mid-19th century, where slavery, ivory and trade from the northern ports have made ...Read Review

Memory of the Abyss

By Marcello Fois - By Patrick Creagh (trans.) - Published 2012



Returning home late one night, Felice Stocchino and his young son, Samuele, are refused a glass of water at a neighbour’s house. ...Read Review

The Knot

By Jane Borodale - Published 2012


This is a perfect book for the green-fingered reader – and also for translators! Henry Lyte has made it his life’s work to ...Read Review