Lorelei Brush

The Last Blue

By Isla Morley - Published 2020


A large part of The Last Blue is set in 1937, when two men from Roosevelt’s Farm Services Administration arrive in the small ...Read Review

Close Up (Burning Cove, California)

By Amanda Quick - Published 2020



In this fourth novel of Amanda Quick’s Burning Cove series, set in the 1930s, Vivian Brazier is working as a crime scene ...Read Review

The Schrödinger Girl

By Laurel Brett - Published 2020


Garrett Adams, an unhappy professor of behavioral psychology (think Skinner’s rats), is struggling to ignore the 1960s. In an overflowing New York ...Read Review

Lady Clementine

By Marie Benedict - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Spanning the years from 1908 to 1945, this novel describes the demanding role of Lady Clementine Churchill, the wife of Winston Churchill. Not only does ...Read Review

The Good Cop

By Peter Steiner - Published 2020



Set largely in Germany in the years between 1918 and 1945, The Good Cop is a tale about three individuals: Willi Geismeier, a detective who ...Read Review

Don’t Put the Boats Away

By Ames Sheldon - Published 2019



This saga about the Sutton family spans the years from the end of World War II to 1971. Tragedy had struck with the death ...Read Review