Lorelei Brush

The Winter Orphans

By Kristin Beck - Published 2022



This stirring World War II novel of courage and sacrifice focuses on 100 Jewish orphans whose parents send them to France in 1942 for their ...Read Review

The Orphan’s Mother

By Marion Kummerow - Published 2022



In the last winter of World War II, Emma and her two children (a German family) are trapped in Poland. The Russian army ...Read Review

The Admiral’s Wife

By M.K. Tod - Published 2022


M. K. Tod’s newest novel is set in Hong Kong in two different time periods, 1912 and 2016. It focuses on two women: Isabel ...Read Review


By Meredith Hall - Published 2021


Beneficence is the emotional journey of the Senter family, who live on a farm in Maine in the 1940s and 1950s. It begins ...Read Review

A Song for Her Enemies

By Sherri Stewart - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

Tamar Kaplan, a Jewish woman and promising soprano with the Haarlem Opera Company in 1943, is given a chance to sing Violetta in La ...Read Review

The Words We Whisper

By Mary Ellen Taylor - Published 2021


Zara, a hospice nurse, returns to the home of the Italian grandmother who helped raise her and her older half-sister. Zara’s skills ...Read Review

We Germans: A Novel

By Alexander Starritt - Published 2020



This novella comprises a long letter written by a German grandfather, Meissner, to his Scottish grandson, Callum. On a visit, seventeen months in ...Read Review

City of Spies

By Mara Timon - Published 2020



This debut novel opens in Paris in June of 1943 when we meet Elisabeth de Mornay, an Englishwoman employed by the Special Operations Executive ...Read Review

Rip to the Rescue

By Miriam Halahmy - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Set in 1940s London, this gripping novel about a 13-year-old holds the interest of adults and children alike. Jack serves as a bike ...Read Review

The Takeaway Men

By Meryl Ain - Published 2020


The Takeaway Men begins with Edyta, a Catholic teenager, busy smuggling Jewish toddlers out of the Kielce (Poland) ghetto to the safety of ...Read Review