Lisa Sheehan

The Fiery Furnace

By F. Scott Kimmich - Published 2015


“As the novel opens, Olivier de Mazan is trying to evade the Inquisition and its secular thugs, while Count Raimond of Toulouse and ...Read Review

Delivering Virtue

By Brian Kindall - Published 2015



“1854 and Didier Rain doesn’t want to be a rogue. He prefers to think of himself as a gentleman poet. And yet every ...Read Review

Zenobia: Challenging a Legend

By Russ Wallace - Published 2015



“Complicating Zenobia’s life is a budding romance with her brilliant and charismatic instructor. The challenge: he is the scholar, she the warrior. ...Read Review

A Most Civil War

By Greg Parkes - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

As Greg Parkes quips in the author’s note of his thoroughly enjoyable debut, A Most Civil War, “I couldn’t make this ...Read Review

Those Bones at Goliad

By Judith Austin Mills - Published 2015



Judith Austin Mills’ Those Bones at Goliad follows the adventures of young Shelby Whitmire as he comes to manhood during the Texas Revolution, ...Read Review

To Tame the Wind

By Regan Walker - Published 2015



In this prequel to her Agents of the Crown series, Regan Walker presents a romantic adventure story that can easily be appreciated as ...Read Review

Thief of My Heart

By Lynna Banning - Published 2015



Sir Thomas Lynford, the brooding, powerful hero of Lynna Banning’s Thief of My Heart, is a staunch defender of King Henry II ...Read Review

Becoming Lisette (The Queen’s Painter, Book 1)

By Rebecca Glenn - Published 2015


The first volume in Rebecca Glenn’s The Queen’s Painter series, Becoming Lisette centers on strong-willed and beautiful Elizabeth “Lisette” Vigee, who ...Read Review

Sword of the Gladiatrix

By Faith L. Justice - Published 2015



The fairly standard narrative framework of the typical gladiator novel – heroic figure enslaved and forced to fight for the amusement of decadent Romans – ...Read Review

The Dangerous Summer of Jesse Turner

By D. C. Reep - By E. A. Allen - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

“Everybody knew I was an outlaw’s kid” begins D. C. Reep and E. A. Allen’s energetic YA novel The Dangerous Summer ...Read Review