Lisa Sheehan

Camelot’s Queen: Guinevere’s Tale Book Two

By Nicole Evelina - Published 2016


The story of the fabled Queen Guinevere continues in Camelot’s Queen, the second volume in Nicole Evelina’s ‘Guinevere’s Tale’ series. ...Read Review

Journey of the Dead: The Trinity Conspiracy, Book 1

By A. C. Townsend - Published 2014



In Journey of the Dead, the first book in A. C. Townsend’s unusual and ultimately highly readable Trinity Conspiracy series, sixteen-year-old Sarah ...Read Review

Treading Softly, Breaking Shells

By Kim Balette - Published 2016



The complicated world of the Seychelles in 1878 comes vividly to life in Kim Balette’s Treading Softly, Breaking Shells when Peter, a plantation ...Read Review

Danya: A Woman of Ancient Galilee

By Anne McGivern - Published 2015



Anne McGivern’s debut novel, Danya, delves into a world seldom seen in history or literature: the world of an intelligent, literate woman ...Read Review

Yoke of Wind

By Luke Comer - Published 2015


In Luke Comer’s debut novel Yoke of Wind, set in the American South in the years leading up to the American Civil ...Read Review

Toru: Wayfarer Returns (Sakura Steam Series Book 1)

By Stephanie R. Sorensen - Published 2016



Toru: Wayfarer Returns is the first installment in Stephanie Sorensen’s “Sakura Steam” Series, a terrifically vivid historical novel set in an 1852 Japan ...Read Review

Spirit of the Ronin (The Ronin Trilogy, Part 3)

By Travis Heermann - Published 2015



Travis Heermann brings his Ronin Trilogy to a rousing finale in this third volume, Spirit of the Ronin, which returns readers to an ...Read Review

Town Father

By Kevin Brennan - Published 2015


The playful alternate title of Kevin Brennan’s novel Town Father, “Where Graceful Girls Abound,” gives a strong hint of the boisterous nature ...Read Review

Call for Blood (A Jonathan Preston novel)

By Steve Doherty - Published 2015



Call for Blood is the second outing by Steve Doherty’s Agent Jon Preston, a keen, super-competent operative for the British Special Operations ...Read Review

The Funny Thing About War

By Al Campo - Published 2014



The Funny Thing About War, Al Campo’s big, warm-hearted, and often quite funny debut novel, centers on twenty-two-year-old Chris Columbo, a smart, ...Read Review