Lisa Redmond

Our Castle by the Sea

By Lucy Strange (author) - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Lucy Strange’s second book takes place on the Kent coast during the first months of the Second World War. Petra and her ...Read Review

The Turn of Midnight (Last Hours)

By Minette Walters - Published 2019


The sequel to Minette Walters’ thrilling and suspenseful The Last Hours proves a wonderful conclusion to her enthralling tale of a Dorset village ...Read Review

The Drowned Village

By Kathleen McGurl - Published 2018



Kathleen McGurl is fast establishing herself as a master of the multi-period novel in which a mystery from the past has implications for ...Read Review

Nevertheless She Persisted

By Jon Walter - Published 2018


Clara and Nancy have managed to escape their violent and abusive father, but not before Nancy has faced an unwanted pregnancy, a painful ...Read Review

For the Immortal

By Emily Hauser - Published 2018



The final novel in the Golden Apple trilogy from Emily Hauser is a triumphant finale. This story continues to draw from the many ...Read Review

The House on Half Moon Street

By Alex Reeve - Published 2018



An intriguing debut: The House on Half Moon Street is a Victorian murder mystery which features Leo Stanhope, a young coroner’s assistant ...Read Review

A Sacred Storm

By Theodore Brun - Published 2018


The second instalment of Theodore Brun’s Wanderer Chronicles returns readers to 8th-century Scandinavia with our troubled hero, Erlan, and his loyal servant, ...Read Review

Things a Bright Girl Can Do

By Sally Nicholls - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

Sally Nicholls’ latest young adult novel is a detailed and vivid account of three young women in Edwardian England, connected by their interest ...Read Review

The Cursed Wife

By Pamela Hartshorne - Published 2018


As the wife of a successful London merchant, Mary lives a contented life. Loved by her husband and respected by her neighbours, she ...Read Review

The Pharmacist’s Wife

By Vanessa Tait - Published 2018


The Pharmacist’s Wife is a tale of deception, addiction and revenge. Rebecca is a young wife in Victorian Edinburgh, struggling hard to ...Read Review