Linda Sever

An Unlikely Agent

By Jane Menczer - Published 2017



London, 1905. Margaret Trant, a young secretary for an import-export company, sees no future for herself when her boss, the sleazy Mr Plimpson, informs ...Read Review

The Irish Civil War 1922-23: Ava’s Diary

By Patricia Murphy - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

The latest in the “Hands On History” series, published by the excellent Poolbeg Press, Ava’s Diary moves between the present day, with ...Read Review

Wonders Will Never Cease

By Robert Irwin - Published 2016Published 2017


Biographical FictionLiterary

Acclaimed by A. S. Byatt as one of the UK’s greatest living novelists, Robert Irwin has produced his first novel in seventeen ...Read Review

The Stones of Winter

By Oskar Jensen - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

With the caption ‘A Viking tale of myth and magic’ The Stones of Winter is the first in a series of tales about ...Read Review

Deadly Shot: Dan’s Diary

By Patricia Murphy - Published 2015


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

It is 1920. Dan O’Donovan is twelve years old, a promising footballer and a messenger boy for the Irish Free State army and ...Read Review

Oswald: Return of the King

By Edoardo Albert - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

In the second of the Northumbrian Thrones series, we return once again to 7th-century Anglo-Saxon Britain and to the exiled King Oswald of ...Read Review

The Pyre: The Return of Ravana

By David Hair - Published 2015



Based in Mandore and Jodhpur in Rajasthan, The Pyre is a fantasy novel that follows two groups of young people, one in the ...Read Review

The Eagles at War: Eagles of Rome, Book 1

By Ben Kane - Published 2015



Based on real historical events, Eagles at War tells the story of Lucius Tullus, Governor Varus and a legion of Roman soldiers, situated ...Read Review

The Disappearance of Tom Pile

By Ian Beck - Published 2015


Children/Young AdultFantasyMystery/Crime

In 1900, on a bitterly cold night, a young boy disappears from the forest close to the small, quiet village of Litton Cheney, Dorset. ...Read Review

The Gauntlet

By Ronald Welch - Published 2015Published c1951


Children/Young Adult

In present-day Wales, Peter Staunton and his friend, Gwyn Evans, stumble across a large medieval gauntlet while lost in the mist in the ...Read Review