Linda Harris Sittig

Saving Wonder

By Mary Knight - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

In this novel written in a first-person narrative, Curley Hines has lost his mother, father, and younger brother in two separate accidents tied ...Read Review

The Dress

By Kate Kerrigan - Published 2016


The story centers on a dress that links the lives of three separate women, transcending continents and decades to pull their separate narratives ...Read Review

Dark Rosaleen

By Michael Nicholson - Published 2015


In 1845, a fungus hits the Irish potato crop, completely ruining the country’s harvest of the one food sustaining over half its population. ...Read Review


By Mesu Andrews - Published 2016



Miriam is the sister of Moses. She watched her infant brother be rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter, and later wept when he escaped ...Read Review

A Night Divided

By Jennifer A. Nielsen - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

Gerta is twelve when the Berlin Wall emerges overnight, dividing the city of Berlin into East and West sectors. The division is unthinkable ...Read Review

An Irish Doctor in Love and at Sea

By Patrick Taylor - Published 2015



Fans of Patrick Taylor’s highly entertaining Irish Country Doctor series will not be disappointed with this latest book. The novel is told ...Read Review

The Lost Garden (Tales from Goswell)

By Katharine Swartz - Published 2013Published 2015


Alternating from past to present, this novel is set in the quaint village of Goswell on the Cumbrian Coast of North West England. ...Read Review

The Choice

By Kathy Clark - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

Written for middle school and up, this story takes place during the Holocaust in Europe, and most specifically during the ten months from ...Read Review

The Emperor of Anyplace

By Tim Wynne-Jones - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

Evan is a teenager who has just attended to his father’s burial when he discovers the leather book his father was reading ...Read Review

Whisper Hollow

By Chris Cander - Published 2015


This story is set in 20th-century Verra, a small West Virginia coal mining community tucked across the creek from Whisper Hollow. In this ...Read Review