Linda Harris Sittig

Hidden Yellow Stars

By Rebecca Connolly - Published 2024



This novel starts in September 1942 in Brussels, when a young schoolteacher, Andrée Geulen, helps her students remove their jackets with the hated ...Read Review

The German Child

By Catherine Hokin - Published 2024



This is a heart-wrenching novel sharing a part of the Holocaust that is perhaps not so well known. In 1941, a special group of ...Read Review

Mockingbird Summer

By Lynda Rutledge - Published 2024


Kate Corcoran, a.k.a. Corky, has just turned 13 during the summer of 1964. Growing up in segregated High Cotton, Texas, Corky has never ...Read Review

Down the Steep

By A. D. Nauman - Published 2023


This novel is set in the Tidewater section of Virginia in 1963, where Willa McCoy has just turned thirteen and idolizes her father, a ...Read Review

When the Jessamine Grows

By Donna Everhart - Published 2024



While most people know our nation was divided during the Civil War, very little has been written about Southerners who fervently desired to ...Read Review

The Oak People

By Ruth Mohrman - Published 2023


Set during the Stone Age in the caves of Carmel Mountain near the shores of modern-day Israel, the novel brings to life a ...Read Review

The Things We’ll Never Have

By Hilary Hauck - Published 2023


In this novel set in mid-1960s London, we are introduced to the protagonist, Everleigh, about to have her fondest wish come true. ...Read Review

The Last Masterpiece: A Novel of World War II Italy

By Laura Morelli - Published 2023


In spring 1943, Eva and her brother Gerhard live at their grandmother’s house in Austria, while their father oversees the storage of various ...Read Review

Counting Lost Stars: A Novel

By Kim van Alkemade - Published 2023


This dual-time novel starts in 1960 New York City when aspiring college student Rita Klein finds herself pregnant. Sent to a home for unwed ...Read Review

The Paper Daughters of Chinatown

By Allison Hong Merrill - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

In 1892, when six-year-old Tai Choi gets on a boat, she believes she is leaving home to visit her grandmother. She does not realize ...Read Review

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