Lauren Miller

Star of Persia: Esther’s Story

By Jill Eileen Smith - Published 2020



Bestselling biblical fiction author Jill Eileen Smith breathes new life into the story of Queen Esther, the titular Star of Persia, by steeping ...Read Review

The Number of Love (The Codebreakers)

By Roseanna M. White - Published 2019


In the shadowy world of Room 40, England’s brightest minds work tirelessly to crack German intelligence that could give a strategic edge during ...Read Review

Lady Takes the Case (Manor Cat Mystery)

By Eliza Casey - Published 2019



If the idea of solving mysteries while living on a sprawling Elizabethan estate with secret passages sounds appealing, this may be the book ...Read Review

Almost Home

By Valerie Fraser Luesse - Published 2019


Life is much slower along the Loop in Shelby County, Alabama, as residents come together in hard times offering help and healing in ...Read Review

Miss Bingley Requests

By Judy McCrosky - Published 2018



In this introspective reimagining of Pride and Prejudice, Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy’s romance is entirely unsuitable in the eyes ...Read Review

In Places Hidden

By Tracie Peterson - Published 2018



Camrianne “Camri” Coulter is trying to find her missing brother, Caleb, a law attorney. Suspecting foul play, Camri enlists the help of new ...Read Review

Heart on the Line

By Karen Witemeyer - Published 2017



Amos Bledsoe is an atypical Western hero, more likely to ride to the rescue on a bicycle than a white horse, but it’...Read Review

The Last Suppers

By Mandy Mikulencak - Published 2017


Set in the fictitious Greenmount State Penitentiary in Louisiana during the 1930s-1950s, the novel shows, from the perspective of a prison cook ...Read Review

The War Bride’s Scrapbook: A Novel in Pictures

By Caroline Preston - Published 2017


Preston, author of the acclaimed scrapbook novel The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt, delivers again with her second foray into this niche genre, presenting ...Read Review

Shine Like the Dawn

By Carrie Turansky - Published 2017



Award-winning author Carrie Turansky’s newest inspirational romance returns to the Edwardian era in a standalone title with memorable characters and a charming ...Read Review

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