Laura Staley

Botticelli’s Bastard

By Stephen Maitland-Lewis - Published 2014



Giovannie Fabrizzi finds one of the paintings he inherited from his father speaks to him. Literally. At first he fears he is going ...Read Review

The Patterer

By Larry Brill - Published 2013


Leeds Merriweather is a patterer in London in 1765. His job is to sell newspapers in the street by hyping their contents. When he ...Read Review

Anna Goeldin -The Last Witch

By Evelyn Hassler - By Mary Bryant (trans.) - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

In 1780 Switzerland, Anna Goeldin, 46, is unmarried, footloose, and attractive. She accepts a position as a maid for one of Glarus canton’s most ...Read Review

Because of the Camels

By Brenda Blair - Published 2012


Alternate History

Sixteen-year-old Elizabeth McDermott is excited: she is making her debut into Galveston, Texas society, and her mother’s cousin will soon be in ...Read Review

Pliney Fiske

By Mark Travis - Published 2012



Pliney Fiske is a clerk in the Civil War Pension Office of Concord, New Hampshire.  His job is to determine what compensation injured ...Read Review

If Two Are Dead

By Jonathan Carriel - Published 2012



Thomas  Dordrecht is perplexed.  Daniel Sproul, a partner in the shipping firm he works for, has been found dead on the street.  But ...Read Review

City of Slaughter

By Cynthia Drew - Published 2012


Carsie Akselrod and her sister Lilia escape from the Pale of Settlement after the murder of their parents by Cossacks. They find their ...Read Review


By Lauren Gilbert - Published 2011


Sold into a sham marriage by her greedy father, Lady Catherine, Countess of Heyerwood, is astonished to find herself not just freed by ...Read Review

A Prince of Norway

By Kris Tualla - Published 2010



Newlywed Sydney Hansen is shocked to learn that one of the things her husband Nicolas has neglected to tell her is that he ...Read Review

The Chinaman’s Bastard

By Amanda Taylor - Published 2009



When Daniel Robertshaw is seen standing over a mysterious young woman, and that woman is later found dead and mutilated, the villagers of ...Read Review