Laura Shepperson

The Clockmaker’s Daughter

By Kate Morton - Published 2018


It is difficult to categorise the new novel by Kate Morton, author of The House at Riverton and The Distant Hours. There is ...Read Review

Pilgrim’s War

By MICHAEL JECKS - Published 2018



Pilgrim’s War begins in France in 1096, when a hermit promises the townspeople that Christian soldiers who march to Jerusalem will be rewarded ...Read Review

Ike and Kay

By James MacManus - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

During World War II, British senior military officials and American media sources alike were scandalised by the close relationship between Ike Eisenhower, the ...Read Review

The Silent Companions

By Laura Purcell - Published 2017Published 2018



Ghost stories are having a revival at present, and Laura Purcell’s The Silent Companions, set in the 19th century, is a worthy ...Read Review

Workhouse Orphans

By Holly Green - Published 2017



Workhouse Orphans, described as “an uplifting story of the struggles of two children left with nowhere else to go”, is not the sort ...Read Review

Jane Welsh Carlyle and her Victorian World: A Story of Love, Work, Friendship and Marriage

By Kathy Chamberlain - Published 2017



The cover blurb for Jane Welsh Carlyle and Her Victorian World claims that Kathy Chamberlain “brings Carlyle out of her husband’s shadow, ...Read Review

The Diary of a Gulag Prison Guard

By Ivan Chistyakov - Published 2016



The Diary of a Gulag Prison Guard is a faithful translation of the diary kept by Ivan Chistyakov, a Russian gulag prison guard ...Read Review

The Love of Geli Raubal

By Brenda Squires - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

I was not aware that Hitler had a niece, Geli Raubal, nor that his love for his niece, bordering on the inappropriate, caused ...Read Review

The End of Law

By Thérèse Down - Published 2016


The End of Law is a work of fiction tackling a subject that has seen very little coverage over the years: Nazi Germany, ...Read Review

Never Surrender: Winston Churchill & Britain’s Decision to Fight Nazi Germany in the Fateful Summer of 1940

By John Kelly - Published 2015



Never Surrender describes the political machinations taking place in Britain during 1939 and 1940, when the Cabinet debated whether to negotiate peace with Hitler or ...Read Review