Laura Lloyd

Sweet Glory

By Lisa Y. Potocar - Published 2011


Children/Young Adult

This award-winning young adult novel, set during the American Civil War, tells of Jana Brady, a tomboy whose parents decide the time has ...Read Review

Walk to Paradise Garden

By John B. Campbell - Published 2012



While serving as a stretcher bearer in World War I France, humanitarian John Armitage meets and falls in love with nurse Evelyne (Evie) ...Read Review

How Far Tomorrow

By Judith Austin Mills - Published 2011


It’s 1835, and looking for help in defeating Mexico’s Santa Anna, Texas leaders turn to the South to find volunteers to join ...Read Review

Willow Vale

By Alethea Williams - Published 2012



Coerced into marrying an unloving, abusive man, Francesca Sittoni must leave her home in northern Italy and relocate with her new husband to ...Read Review

A Death for Beauty

By Alberto Rios Arias - Published 2011


Loosely based on Fanny Kelly’s Narrative of My Captivity and set during the American Civil War, A Death for Beauty tells the ...Read Review

Call of a Distant Shore

By Corinne Hoebers - Published 2008



Due to increasing unrest and violence in his birthplace of Hochdorf, Germany, in the 1750s, Michael Heber impulsively decides to join his newly ...Read Review

Flowers in the Sand

By Clive Algar - Published 2011


Set during the Boer War, Flowers in the Sand follows the lives of Boer Commandant Manie Smit and South African civilian Emma Richardson. ...Read Review

Beyond All Price

By Carolyn Poling Schriber - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

To escape a life of poverty, 23-year-old Nellie Chase volunteers as a nurse with the 100th Pennsylvania Roundhead Regiment during the American Civil ...Read Review