Larry Zuckerman


By Laurie Lico Albanese - Published 2022


In 1829, 19-year-old Isobel Gamble emigrates from Scotland to Salem, Massachusetts, with a tyrannical husband who’s ruined his apothecary practice through an opium ...Read Review

Properties of Thirst

By Marianne Wiggins - Published 2022


In this sprawling, beautifully written but oddly constructed novel, World War II tests an individualistic, self-reliant California family in unexpected ways. Rockwell “Rocky” ...Read Review

A Net for Small Fishes

By Lucy Jago - Published 2021


Biographical FictionLiteraryThriller

London, 1609. Anne Turner, seamstress and mother of six with a much older husband and heavy debts, can’t believe her luck when she’...Read Review


By Taylor Brown - Published 2022


In the 1930s, daredevil pilot Zeno Marigold and his equally fearless wife, Della, barnstorm around rural Georgia for nickels and dimes in their ...Read Review

Four Treasures of the Sky

By Jenny Tinghui Zhang - Published 2022



Despite being named for a tragic heroine of legend, Daiyu has a happy childhood in 1880s China. Growing up in a fishing village, ...Read Review

A Thousand Steps

By T. Jefferson Parker - Published 2022



If you’re into the hippie scene, Laguna Beach, California, is the place to be in summer 1968. However, sixteen-year-old Matt Anthony has more ...Read Review


By Jonathan Franzen - Published 2021


Days before Christmas 1971, long-ignored pressures seethe within the Hildebrandt family, whose patriarch, Russ, is associate pastor of a suburban Chicago church. His eldest ...Read Review

Burning Boy: The Life and Work of Stephen Crane

By Paul Auster - Published 2021



Born in 1871, the ninth surviving child to devout Methodist parents, he was said to read fluently by age four and drank his first ...Read Review

The Queen’s Men (An Agents of the Crown Novel, 2)

By Oliver Clements - Published 2021



One night in 1577, as Elizabeth I’s royal train proceeds through a forest, masked gunmen empty their arquebuses at her carriage and flee ...Read Review

The Dickens Boy

By Thomas Keneally - Published 2022


Biographical FictionLiterary

In 1868, Edward Dickens, the tenth, ne’er-do-well child of the famous author, emigrates to Australia at age sixteen to learn the sheep business. ...Read Review

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