Kristina Blank Makansi

Book of the Night: The Black Musketeers

By Lee Chadeayne (trans.) - By Oliver Pötzsch - Published 2016


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

In what is sure to be the first installment of a new series, Oliver Pötzsch takes readers on a wild adventure with ...Read Review

In Farleigh Field

By Rhys Bowen - Published 2017



When a soldier with a failed parachute falls to his death at Farleigh Place, the estate of Lord Westerham and his five daughters, ...Read Review

A Place Called Winter

By Patrick Gale - Published 2015Published 2016


Loosely based on the experiences of the author’s great-grandfather, A Place Called Winter is an evocative tale of a timid man grappling ...Read Review

The Vow

By Felicity Goodrich - Published 2016


The Vow is the story of Anna and Szymon, a devout girl and a young village priest who cling to each other as ...Read Review

The Dead Don’t Bleed

By David Krugler - Published 2016



“Live free, and the rest will follow.” That was the mantra that Liv, Lieutenant Junior Grade Voight’s sometime-girlfriend, lived by. But Voight ...Read Review

A Gift for Guile

By Alissa Johnson - Published 2016



Set in Victorian London, the second installment in Alissa Johnson’s Thief Taker series is a delightful historical romance that won me over ...Read Review

All Waiting Is Long

By Barbara J. Taylor - Published 2016


Sisters. Good relationships or bad, they are fraught with rivalry, jealously, and loyalty. Such it is with Violet and Lily Morgan. After Lily ...Read Review

The Plague of Thieves Affair

By Bill Pronzini - By Marcia Muller - Published 2016



This is the fourth in the Carpenter and Quincannon series written by husband-and-wife team Muller and Pronzini. It opens with John Quinncannon and ...Read Review

The Singer from Memphis

By Gary Corby - Published 2016



In this sixth installment in Gary Corby’s Athenian Mystery series, Nicolaos and his wife, Diotima, a priestess with an independent streak a ...Read Review

The Last Days of Magic

By Mark L. Tompkins - Published 2016



Mark Tompkins’s fantasy novel is a roiling cauldron of Celtic and Biblical mythology, with everything from fallen angels and faeries, witches and ...Read Review

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