Kristen McDermott

Woman Enters Left

By Jessica Brockmole - Published 2017


Fans of “on the road” stories will love this dual-period novel, which follows two friends, aspiring writer Florrie Daniels and abandoned housewife Ethel ...Read Review

The Jane Austen Project

By Kathleen A. Flynn - Published 2017



Part science fiction, part fan fiction, this enjoyable adventure takes a common fantasy—traveling into the past to meet one’s favorite author—...Read Review

Mozart’s Starling

By Lyanda Lynn Haupt - Published 2017



Like its two subjects – Mozart and the European Starling – this natural history is virtuosic, lively, affectionate, and entertaining. Haupt offers a deep dive ...Read Review

The Stolen Child

By Lisa Carey - Published 2017



This mesmerizing novel, set on an isolated, rocky island off the west coast of Ireland in 1959, fairly pulses with passion and magic. Carey ...Read Review

The Devil’s Bible

By Dana Chamblee Carpenter - Published 2017



Carpenter’s follow-up to The Bohemian Gospel is similarly crammed with theological mystery and suspense, as we find her protagonist, Mouse, still alive ...Read Review

A Tale of Two Maidens: A Medieval French Story of Fate, Adventure, and the Hundred Years’ War

By Anne Echols - Published 2016


The history of Jehanne la Pucelle, or Joan of Arc, is often told, but Echols has chosen a fresh perspective in her narrator, ...Read Review

The Wicked City

By Beatriz Williams - Published 2016


Two young women find love in the face of disaster in the same shabby-chic Greenwich Village apartment: Ella in 1998 and Ginger in 1924. Strains ...Read Review

Purged by Fire: Heresy of the Cathars

By Diane Bonavist - Published 2016


The history of the Cathar heretics in 13th-century France is both fascinating and tragic, and they make attractive subjects for historical fiction because ...Read Review

Pirate Utopia

By Bruce Sterling - Published 2016


Alternate History

In this fantastical alternate history novella, Sterling, better known for his pioneering work in science fiction, imagines what would happen if the artistic/...Read Review

Naming Thy Name: Cross Talk in Shakespeare’s Sonnets

By Elaine Scarry - Published 2016


Elaine Scarry, a celebrated literary scholar known for her interdisciplinary approaches to the study of poetry, culture, philosophy, and art, has joined Oscar ...Read Review