Kristen McDermott

The Virgins of Venice

By Gina Buonaguro - Published 2022


Venice in 1509 is an opulent dream of a city in many ways, but a nightmare for daughters of the patrician class. Justina Soranzo ...Read Review


By Sarah Miller - Published 2022


Readers of Little Women are well aware that Louisa May Alcott based the beloved characters of that classic novel on her own family. ...Read Review

The Wild Hunt

By Emma Seckel - Published 2022


On a remote Scottish island in 1949, Iain MacTavish and Leigh Welles have returned for different but equally tragic reasons. Iain has survived his ...Read Review

Uncanny Times (Huntsmen, 1)

By Laura Anne Gilman - Published 2022


Historical FantasyWestern

Gilman, best known for her popular Devil’s West historical fantasy series, which reimagined 19th-century American expansion in a nation where magic exists ...Read Review

The House of Little Sisters

By Eva Wong Nava - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

In this atmospheric YA novel, Nava traces the plight of the mui tsai (little sisters)—unwanted girls of impoverished parents whose labor is ...Read Review

The Letter Home

By Rachael English - Published 2022



This popular Irish author’s novels often feature young women searching for meaning in their lives by learning about the secrets buried in ...Read Review

Cora’s Kitchen

By Kimberly Garrett Brown - Published 2022


Cora, a Black New York City librarian in 1928, is grateful for her stable job and its access to the literary glories of the ...Read Review

Horse: A Novel

By Geraldine Brooks - Published 2022



Brooks succeeds gloriously at creating a love letter to thoroughbred horses, racing, and the beauties of antebellum Kentucky, and passably well at creating ...Read Review

The Falcon’s Eyes

By Francesca Stanfill - Published 2022



This weighty, rambling novel will please readers who like traditional medieval epics about damsels in unhappy arranged marriages, as long as they’re ...Read Review

The Light Always Breaks

By Angela Jackson-Brown - Published 2022


Inspirational Romance

In this inspirational romance, Jackson-Brown creates a fascinating dilemma for her heroine: what’s a super-competent, Christian, Black restauranteur to do when the ...Read Review