Kristen McDermott

All You Have to Do Is Call

By Kerri Maher - Published 2023


In the early 1970s, a group of seven women created an underground network that provided illegal abortion services to Chicago-area women. Known simply ...Read Review

A True Account: Hannah Masury’s Sojourn Amongst the Pyrates, Written by Herself

By Katherine Howe - Published 2023



In the early 1930s, Professor Marian Beresford discovers an unforgettable character in a manuscript of mysterious origin. Hannah Masury, writing from 200 years earlier, ...Read Review

He Who Drowned the World (The Radiant Emperor, 2)

By Shelley Parker-Chan - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

Parker-Chan completes her award-winning historical fantasy epic begun in She Who Became the Sun, returning to its fascinating blend of medieval Chinese history, ...Read Review

8 Lives of a Century-Old Trickster

By Mirinae Lee - Published 2023



Embittered by her divorce, housewife Lee Sae-ri seeks distraction by helping the residents at the Seoul elder hospice she works at compose their ...Read Review


By Jasmin Iolani Hakes - Published 2023



Hakes reflects the complex cultural and political changes in Hawai’i during the 20th century through the lives of three generations of Naupaka ...Read Review

The Mother Gene

By Lynne Bryant - Published 2023


Three generations of Virginia women meet looming life challenges by looking to the past and reminiscing about their formative years in northern Virginia, ...Read Review

From Dust to Stardust

By Kathleen Rooney - Published 2023


Fans of the early Hollywood era will enjoy this fictionalized treatment of actress, collector, and philanthropist Colleen Moore, whose Fairy Tale Castle – an ...Read Review

The East Indian

By Brinda Charry - Published 2023


The author, a Renaissance scholar, fills an important gap in colonial American history by allowing us to see 1630s Virginia through the eyes ...Read Review

The Librarian of Burned Books

By Brianna Labuskes - Published 2023


This absorbing novel, set before and during World War II, follows three points of view: Althea, an American novelist visiting Berlin on a ...Read Review

Eight Strings

By Margaret DeRosia - Published 2023


Like the puppet plays that form the center of this novel, DeRosia imbues a melodramatic plot with layer upon layer of social and ...Read Review