Kristen Hannum

The Kill Fee: Poppy Denby Investigates

By Fiona Veitch Smith - Published 2016



It’s October 1920 in London, and young reporter Poppy Denby finds herself in the midst of murder, Bolshevik intrigue, stolen Faberge eggs, and ...Read Review

Unspeakable Things

By Kathleen Spivack - Published 2016



Poet Kathleen Spivack’s last book was a memoir about her time at Boston University with Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton and ...Read Review

Ginny Gall

By Charlie Smith - Published 2016



Delvin, Ginny Gall’s African-American protagonist, is born in 1913 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His mother, a “good-time gal,” has to disappear fast when she’...Read Review

A Plague of Bogles

By Catherine Jinks - Published 2015


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Orphan Jem lives in Victorian London in the good old days, when children were cheap labor and, if unwary, food for the monstrous ...Read Review

The Last Flight of Poxl West: A Novel

By Daniel Torday - Published 2015


Elijah Goldstein, in his mid-teens in the 1980s, idolizes his uncle, Poxl West, a broad-shouldered war hero who flew for the Royal Air ...Read Review

Orla’s Canvas

By Mary Sharnick - Published 2015


Eleven-year-old Orla Gwen Gleason lives in St. Suplice, Louisiana, during the upheaval of the Civil Rights era. She’s fatherless; her mother is ...Read Review

The Silent Boy

By Andrew Taylor - Published 2015Published 2016



‘Say nothing. Not a word to anyone. Whatever you see. Whatever you hear.’ That warning begins The Silent Boy, where, in 1792, in the ...Read Review

Whistling Women

By Kelly Romo - Published 2015


Whistling Women begins as Addie Bates, 32, who lives in a nudist colony in northern California in the mid-1930s, learns that her days ...Read Review

The Pope’s Daughter

By Dario Fo - Published 2015


Biographical FictionLiterary

Lucrezia Borgia was Pope Alexander VI’s daughter. One of the most famous women in history, she was the beautiful victim of her ...Read Review

Prisoner of the Queen

By E. Knight - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

This is the story of Lady Katherine Grey, sister of Lady Jane Grey, the doomed queen who perched on the throne for nine ...Read Review