Kristen Hannum

Reign of Madness

By Lynn Cullen - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

Veteran author Lynn Cullen, author of The Creation of Eve, chose Juana la Loca, middle child of Spain’s Isabella of Castile and ...Read Review

The Headhunter’s Daughter

By Tamar Myers - Published 2011



A baby disappears in the Belgian Congo in 1945, and 13 years later a young white girl is “rescued” from the headhunting Bashilele tribe that ...Read Review

Children and Fire

By Ursula Hegi - Published 2011



Hegi is a writer I’ve intended to read for some time now. I also intend to finish Madame Bovary some day. So ...Read Review

A Game of Lies

By Rebecca Cantrell - Published 2011



In this third book in a series, journalist Hannah Vogel, wanted by the Nazis, returns to Berlin, ostensibly to cover the 1936 Olympic Games ...Read Review

The Linen Queen

By Patricia Falvey - Published 2011



It’s 1941, and Northern Ireland is part of the Allied war effort. Across the bay, the Irish Free State is nominally neutral, but ...Read Review

Blood of the Reich

By William Dietrich - Published 2011



Best-selling author Dietrich took a 1938 Nazi expedition to Tibet and changed the names to create a rip-snorting, intricately plotted thriller that never lets ...Read Review

The Tudor Throne

By Brandy Purdy - By Emily Purdy - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

Beginning with the two sisters sitting at King Henry VIII’s deathbed, Purdy writes a pas de deux between the maturing Elizabeth and ...Read Review

Queen of the Summer Stars: Book Two of the Guinevere Trilogy

By Persia Woolley - Published 2011


Woolley gives fair warning that her vision of King Arthur’s world is in the realistic tradition. The book’s first sentence, therefore, ...Read Review

The Berlin Boxing Club

By Robert Sharenow - Published 2011


Children/Young Adult

Joe Louis, the first African-American world heavyweight champion (from 1937 to 1949), is a faraway and yet pivotal figure in both these novels, each set ...Read Review

Walk the Wild Road

By Nigel Hinton - Published 2011


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

When 10-year-old Leo finds two abandoned lambs in a ditch by the road, he knows the danger in rescuing them. Feudalism still holds ...Read Review