Kelly Cannon

A Draught for a Dead Man

By Caroline Roe - Published 2002



Caroline Roe sets her medieval mystery in a locale other than England and makes its main character unique in both ethnicity and disability. ...Read Review

Foreign Mud: Being an Account of the Opium Imbroglio at Canton in the 1830s and the Anglo-Chinese War that Followed

By Maurice Collis - Published 2002



First published in 1946 and long out of print, this nonfiction historical account brings an obscure (at least to most Americans) subject engagingly to ...Read Review

Worlds That Weren’t

By Harry Turtledove - By Mary Gentle - By S.M. Stirling - By Walter Jon Williams - Published 2002


Alternate History

These four alternate-history novellas make an appetite-whetting introduction for the neophyte. In Turtledove’s The Daimon, Socrates looks on in dismay as a ...Read Review

The Treasure Of Montsegur

By Sophy Burnham - Published 2002



Jeanne was raised by a Cathar holy woman. The man Jeanne loved married her best friend, and eventually the three of them faced ...Read Review

Pride of Kings

By Judith Tarr - Published 2001


Historical Fantasy

An intriguing historical fantasy sheds a refreshing new light on the English king deemed so evil that no subsequent king should ever bear ...Read Review


By Isabel Zuber - Published 2002



Young Anna Stockton’s childhood ends when she is sent to work for a well-to-do family. Her employers’ tragedy ends that job, but ...Read Review

The God Who Begat a Jackal

By Nega Mezlekia - Published 2002



From the author of the acclaimed memoir of Ethiopia, Notes from the Hyena’s Belly, comes a haunting first novel steeped in African ...Read Review

Conjuring Maud

By Philip Danze - Published 2001



The lush, vibrant and often harsh landscape of colonial West Africa provides a stunning backdrop to this tale of offbeat characters and an ...Read Review

Aztec Blood

By Gary Jennings - Published 2001



A Gary Jennings novel is always a breathless, exotic and occasionally shocking ride, and this is no exception. Third in a trilogy of ...Read Review

Here’s to You, Jesusa!

By Elena Poniatowska - Published 2001


Biographical FictionLiterary

First published in Spanish in 1969, Here’s to You, Jesusa! is the fictional autobiography of a poor Mexican woman, here translated into English. ...Read Review