Katie Stine

Wolves of Eden

By Kevin McCarthy - Published 2019



The Dakota Territory in the American West in 1866 was a brutal place. The United States Army, swollen with hardened veterans of both sides ...Read Review

Cilka’s Journey

By Heather Morris - Published 2019


Cilka Klein was a real woman who endured not only Auschwitz but also the Russian gulag: two of the most brutal places of ...Read Review

The Lady Travelers Guide to Happily Ever After (Lady Travelers Society)

By Victoria Alexander - Published 2019



This light Victorian romance is about a second-chance love affair. James, an impetuous heir and known rake, is set to marry an appropriate ...Read Review

Severed Knot

By Cryssa Bazos - Published 2019



January 1652, during the English Civil War: Scottish leader Iain Locharbaidh Johnstone is a prisoner of war in Westminster, until he is sold into ...Read Review

The Stationery Shop

By Marjan Kamali - Published 2019


Set primarily in 1953 Tehran, The Stationery Shop is where two teenagers meet and fall in love. But this isn’t just love, it ...Read Review

Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd.

By Christy Nicholas - Published 2019



Set in near-future Toronto, Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd. tells the story of former Temporal Agent Wilda, who runs the titular shop. There, she ...Read Review

A Distant Hope (The Hansen Family Saga)

By Ellin Carsta - By Gerald Chapple (trans.) - Published 2019



The “Distant Hope” in this book is supposed to be a cocoa plantation in Cameroon. In 1880s, the Hansens, a family of German ...Read Review


By Angie Cruz - Published 2019


In Dominicana, the world is in upheaval. At fifteen years old, Ana knows she must marry Juan Ruiz, who is thirty-two, because he ...Read Review

The Den

By Abi Maxwell - Published 2019


In The Den, two sets of sisters struggle with the aftermath of premarital sexual indiscretion. Separated by a hundred and fifty years, both ...Read Review

Ever Faithful: A Vintage National Parks Novel

By Karen Barnett - Published 2019



It’s 1933 in Yellowstone National Park, and we follow Elsie Brookes, who is saving up for college to become a teacher, and Nate ...Read Review