Katie Stine


By Christine Purkis - Published 2023


Set in the late 1700s in England, this is the story of a girl who goes from nothing to… well, nothing. Aggie, or ...Read Review

A Nobleman’s Guide to Seducing a Scoundrel (The Doomsday Books, 2)

By KJ Charles - Published 2023



Book Two of The Doomsday series takes place thirteen years after the first, in 1823. We are still in Romney Marsh, but now the ...Read Review

The Literary Undoing of Victoria Swann

By Virginia Pye - Published 2023


Victoria Swann is a wildly successful romance novelist in Gilded Age Boston. She singlehandedly dispenses firm advice to starry-eyed girls (via her assistant), ...Read Review

Unladylike Lessons in Love (The Marleigh Sisters, 1)

By Amita Murray - Published 2023



In this steamy, uneven Regency romance, Lila Marleigh is a half-white, half-Indian woman who is beset by loneliness and racism. While Lila’s ...Read Review

The Madwomen of Paris

By Jennifer Cody Epstein - Published 2023


In this novel, set in a monolithic asylum in Paris in the late 1800s, protagonist Laure is both a former inmate and current ...Read Review

STAFF PUBLICATION: Second Chances in Hollywood

By Sarah Hendess - Published 2023


In Sarah Hendess’s debut novel, Second Chances in Hollywood, Josie is a 23-year-old nurse and divorcee. She moves to Hollywood, where her ...Read Review

The Brighter the Light

By Mary Ellen Taylor - Published 2022


Told in dual timelines, one in 2022 and the other in 1950, The Brighter the Light tells the story of the women who run the ...Read Review

The Belle of Belgrave Square (Belles of London)

By Mimi Matthews - Published 2022



In Victorian London, Julia Wychwood is an only child of two sickly parents, and in possession of a fortune. Modern readers will recognize ...Read Review


By Patricia L. Hudson - Published 2022


AdventureBiographical Fiction

Even in 1750s America, celebrity marriage is a challenge, especially if your husband is Daniel Boone. In Traces, Hudson gives voice to Boone’...Read Review

When We Had Wings

By Ariel Lawhon - By Kristina McMorris - By Susan Meissner - Published 2022



Set during WWII in the Philippines, When We Had Wings is the story of the first American women POWs of the war. After ...Read Review

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