Katie Stine

The Memory House: A Love Story in Two Acts

By Jenetta James - Published 2020


In this multi-period romantic mystery, young Victorian Society miss, Kitty Cathcart, is disenchanted with her lot. Beautiful, witty, and well-off, she appears to ...Read Review

Billings Better Bookstore & Brasserie

By Fin J. Ross - Published 2020


In Melbourne, Australia, in 1875, a nine-year-old girl, Fidelia Knight, is harried off a boat from England, suddenly orphaned during the voyage. She is ...Read Review

Her Night with the Duke: A Novel

By Diana Quincy - Published 2020



In this diverse Regency romance, Leela, the widowed Lady Devon, is stranded at an inn near her former estate one stormy evening. She’...Read Review

The Child on Platform One

By Gill Thompson - Published 2020


In this harrowing novel, we follow two storylines, one in Czechoslovakia, where Eva Novak is a sixteen-year-old piano prodigy in 1930. On her way ...Read Review

Rachel’s Legacy

By Julie Thomas - Published 2020


There are times when the plot of a book is better than the execution. This is one of those cases. In this WWII ...Read Review

Fifty in Reverse

By Bill Flanagan - Published 2020



In this time-travel novel, Peter Wyatt, age 65 in the year 2020, wakes up in the body of his fifteen-year-old self in the year 1970. Wyatt ...Read Review

Tales of Ming Courtesans

By Alice Poon - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

In this extremely well-researched novel of three courtesans of 17th-century Nanjing, China, Poon tells the life stories and friendships of three real-life women ...Read Review

Footprints in the Sand (The Lucy Lawrence Mysteries)

By Pam Lecky - Published 2020



Cairo, 1887. This Victorian murder mystery capitalizes on the early years of Egyptology’s atmosphere of intrepid exploration. The English heroine, Lucy Lawrence, met ...Read Review

The Rakess: Society of Sirens, Volume I

By Scarlett Peckham - Published 2020



For those who don’t read Regency, The Rakess is a gender-flipped invention, a feminine form of rakehell, a person who drinks hard, ...Read Review

Artist on Campaign

By Caroline Miley - Published 2019



In 1809, London artist Ralph Oughtred has no interest in war until he is given a commission by the British Horse Guards to paint ...Read Review