Kathryn Johnson

Spirits Revived

By Alice Duncan - Published 2014



This latest book in the long-running Daisy Gumm Majesty series of cozy mysteries opens a year after the death of Daisy’s beloved ...Read Review

Desert God: A Novel of Ancient Egypt

By Wilbur Smith - Published 2014


Wilbur Smith’s latest historical novel set in ancient Egypt features the tale of Taita, a complex character and former slave who was ...Read Review

The Bellingrath Bloodbath

By Gregory Harris - Published 2014



The new Colin Pendragon mystery again draws the sleuth, with his sidekick Ethan, into dark and dangerous affairs. It seems that murder has ...Read Review

The Counterfeit Lady: A Victorian Bookshop Mystery

By Kate Parker - Published 2014



The fraudulent lady of the title of Kate Parker’s latest novel is heroine Georgia Fenchurch – for Georgia isn’t a lady at ...Read Review

The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocketwatch Conspiracy

By Jacopo Della Quercia - Published 2014


Alternate History

Take a gifted comedy writer who has a taste for history and ask him to write a novel of his choice, and you ...Read Review

The Counterfeit Heiress

By Tasha Alexander - Published 2014



The latest addition to the Lady Emily mystery series opens with Emily and her devoted husband Colin in 1897 London, attending a fancy-dress ball – ...Read Review

The Goddess of Small Victories

By Willard Wood (trans.) - By Yannick Grannec - Published 2014


Biographical FictionLiterary

On the death of her husband, the aged Adele Gödel recalls details of her life with the brilliant but disturbed theoretician Kurt ...Read Review

An Italian Wife

By Ann Hood - Published 2014


Ann Hood’s latest novel is a series of vignettes focusing on more than the title character. The book visits the experiences of ...Read Review

Queen Victoria: A Life of Contradictions

By Matthew Dennison - Published 2014



Although mountains of paper have been consumed in writing about Queen Victoria—biographies, family histories, and even novels in which she’s featured ...Read Review

An Unwilling Accomplice

By Charles Todd - Published 2014



It’s 1918 and Bess Crawford, of Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, has just returned to London from France with a convoy ...Read Review

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