Katherine Mezzacappa

The Elopement

By Tracy Rees - Published 2022


London, 1897: In the Blythes’ palatial Highgate home, Pansy, a 23-year-old maid, loathes her job but stays because she is in love with John ...Read Review

The Girl with the Emerald Flag

By Kathleen McGurl - Published 2023


Dublin, 1916: Gráinne’s brother Seán is serving in the British Army, whilst his friend Emmett, with whom Gráinne falls in ...Read Review

The Curious Life of Elizabeth Blackwell

By Pamela Holmes - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

Aberdeen, 1730: the cultured, restless Elizabeth Blachrie resists her parents’ attempts to marry her to a dull but suitable man, for she is in ...Read Review

Radical Woman: Gwen John & Rodin

By Maggie Humm - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

London, 1897: Gwen John’s work as an artist was for many years overshadowed by that of her boisterous and domineering younger brother Augustus, ...Read Review

A Conflict of Interests

By Claire Gradidge - Published 2022



Romsey, Hampshire, 1944: in this third novel in Gradidge’s Josephine Fox series, Jo’s philandering husband, Richard, has briefly reappeared in her life, ...Read Review

The Wistful and the Good (Cuthbert’s People)

By G. M Baker - Published 2022


Northumbria, 793: A thegn’s daughter, fifteen-year-old Elswyth, has been betrothed since infancy to Drefan, ealdorman of Bamburgh. Much depends on that marriage, including ...Read Review

The Affairs of Ashmore Castle

By Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - Published 2022



England, 1903. Harrod-Eagles’ second novel in the Ashmore Castle series has all the ingredients an assiduous follower of Downton Abbey could wish for: a ...Read Review

Murder at an Exhibition (Tommy Jones Mysteries)

By Lisa M. Lane - Published 2022



London, 1863: a corpse is discovered amongst the paintings destined for the Royal Academy exhibition—at this date, the building on Trafalgar Square housed ...Read Review

The Secret of Matterdale Hall

By Marianne Ratcliffe - Published 2022


Yorkshire, 1860s: the young Miss Mottrams, daughters of a rural vicar, have “a marked preference for gothic romances”. Their idyllic existence comes to ...Read Review

Exquisite Corpse

By Maryam DIENER - Published 2021



New York, 1940: the Surrealist painter Leonora Carrington, whilst relieved that she has escaped the war in Europe with her new husband, comes to ...Read Review

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