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STAFF PUBLICATION: Viscount Overboard (Ladies Least Likely Book 1)

By Misty Urban - Published 2023



Award-winning author, Misty Urban, has had her fill of ‘historical romances with rich, beautiful people gossiping at expensive parties.’ Instead, in Viscount Overboard (...Read Review

The Excitements

By Cj Wray - Published 2024


The Williamson sisters are in their nineties. Both World War II veterans, they spend their days being entertained by their kind nephew Archie, ...Read Review

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store

By James McBride - Published 2023



Chicken Hill, Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The 1930s. The world of Moshe and Chona Ludlow. Moshe is a Jewish immigrant, a theater owner and entrepreneur. ...Read Review

The Women

By Kristin Hannah - Published 2024


Much-loved author Kristin Hannah brings all the skills that have won her millions of readers—compelling characters, emotional entanglements, family turbulence, and page-turning ...Read Review

Sisters of Belfast

By Melanie Maure - Published 2024


Twin sisters Aelish and Isabel suffer the devastating loss of both their parents when their Belfast home is bombed during WW2. Then aged ...Read Review

The River We Remember

By William Kent Krueger - Published 2023



What’s not to love in this absorbing, moving novel? The River We Remember has all the page-turning propulsion of an intriguing murder ...Read Review

The Gentleman’s Gambit (A League of Extraordinary Women)

By Evie Dunmore - Published 2023


With The Gentleman’s Gambit, Evie Dunmore concludes her entertaining four-book series about a group of women fighting for suffrage rights in late 19...Read Review

Queen Hereafter (US) / Lady Macbethad (UK)

By Isabelle Schuler - Published 2023


This deep dive into the origin story of Lady Macbeth transports the reader to 11th-century Scotland, a time steeped in religion, superstition, factions ...Read Review

Medusa’s Sisters

By Lauren J. A. Bear - Published 2023



“Even monsters have families” is the appropriate tagline for this reimagining of the story of the Gorgons, told primarily by Medusa’s often ...Read Review

Three Fires

By Denise Mina - Published 2023



This short, vibrant novella from acclaimed Scottish author Denise Mina immerses the reader in the life of Girolamo Savonarola, a Dominican priest. In ...Read Review

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