Karen Warren

The Last Protector (James Marwood & Cat Lovett, Book 4)

By Andrew Taylor - Published 2020


The Last Protector is the fourth book in a series featuring James Marwood, a clerk at the centre of government, and Cat Hakesby, ...Read Review

The Forgotten Sister

By Nicola Cornick - Published 2020



The Forgotten Sister is a timeslip novel, based in Tudor England and the present day. In the 16th century Amy Robsart is married ...Read Review

The Lady of the Ravens (Queens of the Tower, Book 1)

By Hickson - By Joanna - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Joan Vaux, a servant to Elizabeth of York, wife of King Henry VII, is the “lady of the ravens”. The novel follows the ...Read Review

The Other Bennet Sister

By Janice Hadlow - Published 2020


Based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, this is the story of Mary Bennet, the plain and quiet middle sister who likes ...Read Review

The Rapture

By Claire McGlasson - Published 2019



Based on true events, The Rapture is an episode in the life of the Panacea Society, an extraordinary cult centred around Octavia, the ...Read Review

The Hiding Game

By Naomi Wood - Published 2019


The Hiding Game is the story of a group of students at the prestigious Bauhaus art school in interwar Germany. It focuses on ...Read Review

Island Song

By Madeleine Bunting - Published 2019


Island Song is set partly in the present day and partly during the Second World War. The main story features Helene, a young ...Read Review

Stanley and Elsie

By Nicola Upson - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

Stanley and Elsie is the story of the artist Stanley Spencer, told mostly through the eyes of his housekeeper, Elsie Munday. It focuses ...Read Review

Painter to the King

By Amy Sackville - Published 2018


Biographical FictionLiterary

In 1622, the artist Diego Velázquez was summoned to Madrid to paint King Philip IV and his courtiers. He remained a member of ...Read Review

Peace in My Heart

By Freda Lightfoot - Published 2017


Manchester, 1945. The war has ended, but there are more troubles ahead for Evie Talbert. Like so many women of the time, she has ...Read Review