Karen Warren


By Carys Davies - Published 2024



It is 1843, and John Ferguson, an impoverished minister of the newly established Free Church of Scotland, is forced to take any work he ...Read Review

Burnt Offerings

By Danielle Devlin - Published 2023


It is 1589, and King James VI of Scotland believes himself to have been the victim of witchcraft. This leads to a frenetic routing ...Read Review

Cahokia Jazz

By Francis Spufford - Published 2023


Alternate HistoryLiteraryMystery/Crime

It is 1922, and in a mythical city in the Midwestern United States an Aztec-style murder has been discovered on a rooftop. This sets ...Read Review

Mortal Follies

By Alexis Hall - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

Mortal Follies is set in Regency-era Bath, with fleeting visits to London and the Yorkshire countryside. It follows the fortunes (or misfortunes) of ...Read Review

The Shadows of London (James Marwood & Cat Lovett, 6)

By Andrew Taylor - Published 2023



The Shadows of London is the latest in Andrew Taylor’s enjoyable series of novels set in Restoration London. It is 1671, and Cat ...Read Review

The Secrets We Keep

By Theresa Howes - Published 2022



It is 1944, and artist Marguerite Segal is working undercover for British Intelligence in the south of France. Her work brings her into contact ...Read Review

A Jewish Girl in Paris

By Jamie Lee Searle (trans.) - By Melanie Levensohn - Published 2022


It is 1940, and Judith lives with her mother in a small flat in Paris. She is a student at the Sorbonne and works ...Read Review

Steel Girls on the Home Front (The Steel Girls)

By Michelle Rawlins - Published 2022



It is 1940, and a group of women have bonded over their work for the Vickers steel factory in Sheffield. Their men are away ...Read Review

The Colour Storm (UK) / The Color Storm (US/Can)

By Damian Dibben - Published 2022


It is 1510, the height of the Venetian Renaissance. Giorgione Barbarelli—known as Zorzo—is a young painter, fired by ambition but on the ...Read Review

The Midwife

By Tricia Cresswell - Published 2022


In 1838, a woman is discovered close to death on the Northumberland moorland. Joanna (later known as Mrs. Sharp) has no memory of her ...Read Review

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