Karen Bordonaro


By Amy Crider - Published 2023


The Book of Kells, the beautiful Gospel manuscript created by early Celtic Christian monks, serves as the tableau upon which this story unfolds. ...Read Review

A Meadow Murder (A Jan Christopher Mystery, 4)

By Helen Hollick - Published 2023



Sunshine and murder in the English countryside are a winning combination for this cozy murder mystery. Set in Devonshire in the West Country ...Read Review

A Storm of Infinite Beauty

By Julianne MacLean - Published 2023


In March 1964, a terrible earthquake hit Valdez, Alaska, causing devastation and loss of life. The psychological reverberations from this disaster carried on for ...Read Review

The Woman at the Wheel

By Penny Haw - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Bertha Benz made the first long-distance drive of an early automobile in 1888 in Germany. This novel tells the story of her life from ...Read Review

Catharine, Queen of the Tumbling Waters

By Cynthia G. Neale - Published 2023


This novel is a compelling narrative of Catharine Montour, a Métis (mixed French and Native heritage) woman who lived in Pennsylvania and ...Read Review

Ella’s War

By Rusty Allen - Published 2023



Ella’s War unfolds on the shore of 1940s Delaware on the Delmarva Peninsula, as it is known to the author and other ...Read Review


By Patricia Reis - Published 2023


Immigrant German pioneer farming families in Iowa provide the historical setting for this novel, a fictionalized story of the author’s own family ...Read Review

Sinners of Starlight City

By Anika Scott - Published 2023


This riveting story plays out at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago (Starlight City), but its setting also encompasses Sicily during the years ...Read Review

Family Reins: The Extraordinary Rise and Epic Fall of an American Dynasty

By Billy Busch - Published 2023



Family Reins chronicles the history of the Anheuser-Busch brewing company, makers of Budweiser beer, from its beginnings in 1857 to its legacy today. Its ...Read Review


By Rhea Karvanis - Published 2023



Antigone offers modern readers a reimagining of the well-known tale from Greek mythology in which a young woman knowingly breaks the law of ...Read Review