Julie K. Rose


By Michael Crummey - Published 2011



“Newfoundland seemed too severe and formidable, too provocative, too extravagant and singular and harrowing to be real. He half expected to never lay ...Read Review

The Undiscovered Land

By Darrell Kastin - Published 2009



Julia Castro has arrived in the Azores from her home in California, searching for her father Sebastião, an eccentric writer and historian, ...Read Review

Bitter Seeds

By Ian Tregillis - Published 2010


Historical Fantasy

It is 1939 and the British are preparing for war – and against invasion by Nazi Germany. Raybould Marsh, a British secret agent, has learned ...Read Review

The Kingdom of Ohio

By Matthew Flaming - Published 2009



Peter Force abruptly leaves his home in Idaho, where he and his father made a living in the silver mines, and arrives penniless ...Read Review

Under Heaven

By Guy Gavriel Kay - Published 2010


Historical FantasySaga

Under Heaven is a “variation upon themes of the Tang,” a sweeping look at China during the 8th century, seen through the fictional ...Read Review

When Fortune Frowns

By William H. White - Published 2009



October, 1790. Captain Edward Edwards of the Pandora is directed by the Admiralty to seek out the infamous mutineers, late of the Bounty, and ...Read Review

A Monster’s Note

By Laurie Sheck - Published 2009



What would it mean if Mary Shelley’s monster had been real? What implications would there be for her story, what clues about ...Read Review

The United States of Atlantis

By Harry Turtledove - Published 2008


Alternate History

Atlantis has been settled by the English and the French for over 300 years. Now, at the end of the 18th century, and following ...Read Review

The Mystery of the Fool and the Vanisher

By David and Ruth Ellwand - Published 2008


Historical Fantasy

This gorgeously designed book is a journal-within-a-journal, the story of a modern-day photographer who finds the papers and photographs of a Victorian faerie ...Read Review

Museum of Human Beings

By Colin Sargent - Published 2008


Biographical Fiction

We first meet Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau in 1805 as he bounces along on his mother Sacagawea’s back, seeing the world with her eyes as ...Read Review