Julia Stoneham

Shape of Her

By Anne Lauppe-Dunbar - Published 2023



We begin with Katya, the youngest member of a group of characters who, in common with many affluent Jewish families, were robbed by ...Read Review

The Red Citadel (The Isaac Alvarez Mysteries, 3)

By Michael Lynes - Published 2023



In The Red Citadel, third in the author’s Isaac Alvarez Mysteries, Michael Lynes continues the story of Isaac Alvarez and his family, ...Read Review

Scarlet Town (Laurence Jago)

By Leonora Nattrass - Published 2023


Research can be a tricky area for writers of historical fiction. Some authors use it to fill out their pages, thickening their text ...Read Review

The Two-Tailed Snake (Fairlight Moderns, 17)

By Nod Ghosh - Published 2023


The effect of war and civil, political and religious unrest on the experiences of children and adolescents continues as a never-ending source of ...Read Review

The World in a Sandbag

By John Ware - Published 2023



Knowledge of the military history of the British army during the First World War and the part played in it by Irish battalions ...Read Review

The Royal Station Master’s Daughters at War (The Royal Station Master’s Daughters Series book 2)

By Ellee Seymour - Published 2023



This novel was inspired by the history of the Saward family whose many generations were closely associated with Wolferton railway station, which served ...Read Review

The Lost Daughters of Ukraine

By Erin Litteken - Published 2023



Through the late 1940s and into the 1950s, while much of Europe was picking itself up and dusting itself down, Ukraine continued to ...Read Review

The Rose of Florence

By Angela M. Sims - Published 2023


The story is set in mediaeval Florence when the Medici family was at the height of its powers and the city seethed with ...Read Review

The Torso at Highgate Cemetery and Other Sherlock Holmes Stories

By Tim Symonds - Published 2022


Mystery/CrimeShort Stories

With the expiry of his copyright, Conan Doyle’s style, plots and characters may be plundered by anyone. My hackles twitched slightly when ...Read Review

Clytemnestra’s Bind (The House of Atreus)

By Susan C. Wilson - Published 2023



Clytemnestra’s Bind is, we are told, the first in a projected trilogy featuring the famous dispute between the Mycenaeans and the Trojans. ...Read Review

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