Julia Stoneham

Winter Flowers

By Adriana Hunter (trans.) - By Angélique Villeneuve - Published 2021



Our central character is Jeanne Caillet, whose husband Toussant sustained near-fatal facial injuries in the First World War and has, since then, been ...Read Review

Mr. Beethoven

By PAUL. GRIFFITHS - Published 2020


Alternate History

“What?” I asked myself. “Who? When? Where? Boston. USA? Beethoven? A new oratorio?” Relax! Try running those familiar facts on new lines. And ...Read Review

The Searching Dead (The Three Births of Daoloth)

By Ramsey Campbell - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

In 1953, three youngsters are growing up in a suburban London still shadowed by the deprivations of the Second World War, where bombsites and ...Read Review

The Wreck

By Meg Keneally - Published 2020


By the mid-1800s, the authorities in both England and the rapidly developing young cities in Australia were trying to contain demonstrations and ...Read Review


By Alan Clark - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Born in 1867, cousin of Queen Victoria, and known within royal circles as “May,” Princess Mary of Teck was one of the crop of ...Read Review

The Mortimer Affair: Joan de Joinville’s Story

By Alice Mitchell - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

A marriage is arranged between Joan de Joinville, a young and wealthy heiress, and Roger, a member of the powerful Mortimer family. Unusually, ...Read Review


By Stephen Deutsch - Published 2020


It would be a mistake to dismiss this novel on the grounds that it ploughs a familiar furrow. The incorporation of the parallel ...Read Review

Place of Repose: St Cuthbert’s Last Journey

By Katharine Tiernan - Published 2020


Place of Repose is Katharine Tiernan’s second novel in a trilogy focused on the period in the history of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria which ...Read Review

Somerville’s War

By Andrew Duncan - Published 2020


All seems idyllic on the shores of the Beaulieu River, where we meet the movers and shakers of the local sailing club busily ...Read Review

Song of the Nightingale

By Marilyn - By Pemberton - Published 2019


Marilyn Pemberton’s unconvincing novel takes on the fascinating and complex subject of the practice of the castration of young boys in order ...Read Review