John R. Vallely

The Chivalry of Crime

By Desmond Barry - Published 2000


Biographical FictionWestern

Jesse James is one of those characters from the American frontier past whose terrifying charisma exerts as powerful a hold on contemporary readers ...Read Review

Long Remember

By MacKinlay Kantor - Published 2000



Long Remember was first published in 1934 and earned critical acclaim from reviewers in both prestigious and popular journals. The main character, Daniel Bale, ...Read Review

Righteous Warriors

By Meredith Campbell - Published 2000



Civil wars always provide a novelist with perfect, ready-made historical settings for drama and passion set against backgrounds of large scale suffering and ...Read Review

The Battle

By Patrick Rimbaud - Published 2000



Anyone interested in the Napoleonic Era is blessed with a large and continually expanding list of books and journals, fiction and non-fiction. Popular ...Read Review

Bellarion The Fortunate: A Romance

By Rafael Sabatini - Published 2000



Rafael Sabatini had earned quite a name for himself as a writer of both historical novels and biographies in the first part of ...Read Review

Murder at Manassas: A Harrison Raines Civil War Mystery

By Michael Kilian - Published 2000



The author, a longtime Washington correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, puts his passion for American history and his impressive knowledge of Washington’s ...Read Review

Sign-Talker: The Adventure of George Drouillard on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

By James Alexander Thom - Published 2000


Biographical FictionWestern

While the story of the exploration and settling of the American West by white Americans in the face of stubborn resistance by red ...Read Review

Grant Speaks

By Ev Ehrlich - Published 2000


Biographical Fiction

Ev Ehrlich’s career to date has spanned writing, US government service, consulting/advisory work with major corporations, and radio assignments on the ...Read Review

Manassas: v. 8 (Civil War Battle) (Civil War Battle S.)

By James Reasoner - Published 2000



These three novels are the first of a projected eight-volume set on the American Civil War as seen through the eyes of one ...Read Review

The Loki Project

By Benjamin King - Published 2000



The Atomic Bomb became possible as a war-winning weapon following the groundbreaking laboratory efforts of the largely forgotten German chemist Otto Hahn in 1938. ...Read Review