John Manhold

The Bishop’s Curse

By Raff Ellis - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

The novel’s story evolves as a result of laws passed in the early 19th century by American Protestant-led legislatures placing church governance ...Read Review

Anita’s Revolution

By Shirley Langer - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

In this unusual story of revolutionary Cuba, 14-year-old Anita must overcome her parents’ resistance, leave her upper class home and life, and join ...Read Review

Rivka’s War

By Marilyn Oser - Published 2013


Primarily telling the story of the journey of a young Russian Jewess before, during, and following the Russian Revolution, Rivka’s War is ...Read Review

Song of the Mokihana

By T. D. Matzenik - Published 2012



In this South Sea adventure novel set during World War I, a Chinese-owned sailing vessel is captured by a mixed Caucasian-Hawaiian while plying ...Read Review

Shades of Death

By S. Thomas Bailey - Published 2012



This second book in Bailey’s Gauntlet Runner series follows the lives of Jacob and Maggie Murray, who have been torn apart by ...Read Review

The Sotweed Smuggler

By Barbara A. Andrews - Published 2012



This is a tale of sailing, smuggling and the volatile, violent relationships between the English, the Scotsmen and among the latter themselves in ...Read Review

Bow Tie: The First Manuscript of the Richards’ Trust

By W. J. Cherf - Published 2012



The historical parts of Cherf’s book centre on the Egypt of the Pharaohs, however much of the plot is interwoven with the ...Read Review

Belleme, the Norman Warrior

By Roy Stedhall Humphryes - Published 2012



Belleme follows the life of a soldier-politician who is a prominent player in English politics in the wake of the Norman Conquest. Robert ...Read Review

Nolichuck! TJ’s Wild Frontier Adventure

By Jackson Keene - Published 2011


Children/Young Adult

As a result of a bitter divorce, 14-year-old TJ lives alone with his father. He is experiencing boring studies, indifferent teachers, failing grades, ...Read Review

The Officer’s Code

By Lyn Alexander - Published 2012


Eric Foster, son of the prominent owner of a London law firm, resents his father’s determined efforts to make him a barrister, ...Read Review