John Manhold

Reluctant Rebel

By Don E. Phelps - Published 2014


AdventureChildren/Young AdultMilitary

In this coming-of-age tale of a youngster involved in the burgeoning interpersonal conflicts among the politically-divided Mohawk Valley inhabitants and a solider in ...Read Review

Widow Walk

By Gerald LaSalle - Published 2013



The story of this unusual book follows the trials of a family who settled in the Pacific Northwest when indigenous northern Indian tribes ...Read Review

The Light: Tales from a Revolution

By Lars D. H. Hedbor - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

Robert Harris, a blacksmith living in a town facing takeover by the British and Hessian troops because of the growing revolt in the ...Read Review

Of Blood and Brothers

By E. Michael Helms - Published 2013



Calvin Hogue, cub reporter at the St. Andrew Pilot in St. Andrew, Florida, is assigned to cover the Malburn family reunion. This dull-sounding ...Read Review

Letter from a Dead Man

By Dawn Harris - Published 2013



The main protagonist is the daughter of a member of the landed aristocracy on the Isle of Wight, a landowner who has recently ...Read Review

First Fury

By Thomas Macy - Published 2012



Against her parents’ wishes Ann, a native of Rochester, New York, leaves home with a man she believes she will marry. Abandoned instead, ...Read Review

The Bishop’s Curse

By Raff Ellis - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

The novel’s story evolves as a result of laws passed in the early 19th century by American Protestant-led legislatures placing church governance ...Read Review

Anita’s Revolution

By Shirley Langer - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

In this unusual story of revolutionary Cuba, 14-year-old Anita must overcome her parents’ resistance, leave her upper class home and life, and join ...Read Review

Rivka’s War

By Marilyn Oser - Published 2013


Primarily telling the story of the journey of a young Russian Jewess before, during, and following the Russian Revolution, Rivka’s War is ...Read Review

The Hunley: The Civil War’s Secret Weapon

By Larry C. Kerr - Published 2013



In this fictional account of the building and use of the Confederate ‘submarine,’ Kerr portrays the South as dying as a result of ...Read Review